WhatsApp Group Chat – Digitalization in HR

Digitalisation has always been a favourite topic for discussions and as Talent Acquisitionist’s we constantly hear of Digitalisation in HR and its effects. But have you stopped to think for yourself about digitalisation?

If not then here’s a chance to express your views because we @SourcingAdda are one step ahead. We’ve had a discussion on, “Digitalisation in HR” for our popular Wednesday discussions upon the suggestion of our Mumbai Group member Ravi and here’s what we uncovered…


Based on the conversation above we can conclude that there are few things that we still haven’t implemented even though we’re in the digital age. I’m sure that if you’ve read this far you too will be able to identify the improvement areas for the Talent Acquisitions at your organisation.

Here are the key take a ways on several aspects that matter i.e. from a Recruiter’s and Corporate’s perspectives including the challenges faced and the pros of digitalisation. Now you too can be up to date with the current trends that are followed.


  1. Candidates and Employees are more tech savvy than us as Recruiters
  2. Have a mix of online and offline activities to connect with employees and candidates
  3. HRs cannot be completely digitalised due to the human element
  4. Most processes are automated and Job postings are put in digital forms
  5. HRs as the backbone of any company need to be on Social Media
  6. HRs are at the forefront in the move to digital and the cloud in the workplace

Employers Level

  1. Company’s growth depends on their Social Media presence
  2. Business’ realised the importance of digitalisation and formed dedicated teams to manage Social Channels
  3. There are digitalisation stages for organisations
  4. Utilising Digitalization effectively and productively is the key to an organisations success

Challenges Faced

  1. Creating a streamlined process approach
  2. Maintain the human element in the digitalisation era
  3. Check if digitalisation is being utilised in a way that creates an impact

Pros of Digitalisation

  1. Digitalisation saves time
  2. Information is stored in the right place to access at the right time or anytime
  3. Makes it easier to progress or stay competitive in a fast paced digital society or environment



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