WhatsApp Group Chat – HRs & Recruiters from small Companies aren’t hired by MNCs due to less experience in Bulk Hiring

The WhatsApp Group Chat addressed a common challenge that Talent Acquisitionists, Recruiters and of course HRs face currently when it comes to MNC hires. Sourcing ADDA being a community for   Talent Acquisitionists, Recruiters and HRs with a focus on the Indian Recruitment sphere we’re glad to host our popular Wednesday discussion sessions that address such challenges.

The most important aspect of such sessions is when members have questions that they would like to get answers too. And what better way is there to achieve this then an interactive session with the best Thought Leaders of the Recruitment Industry sharing their perspectives.  In view of this scenario our Pune group member Laxmi suggested to have a discussion on, “Why HRs & Recruiters from small Companies don’t get hired in MNC’s due to less experience in bulk hiring such as 200+ hires?” and here’s what we discovered…



Based on the interesting conversation above we can conclude that the discussion was insightful with a lot of takeaways. Since you’ve read this far then I’m sure you’d like to go that extra mile to find out what are the key takeaways of the discussion which can be highlighted on 2 aspects i.e. at an individual and employer level.

Individual Level

  • Hiring Criteria
  • Right attitude, with/out specialised skills but a willingness to learn
  • Smart, knowledge, resourceful, strong references & Personal Branding
  • It’s value vs volume and mind-set

Employer Level

  • Remember 200+hires require a huge talent acquisition cost, strategic planning and strong HR mobilisation
  • Set realistic and achievable targets
  • Create JDs that highlight the requirements correctly
  • Avoid selection bias towards brand, scale experience, drawing conclusions based on exposure alone, stereotype errors and interview biasness.
  • Have the right attitude and the knowledge at the time of hiring the candidate
  • Difference between Recruiters from Small & Big Organisations and Consultancies and the Recruitment Process
  • Provide Recruiters from small companies training on bulk hiring instead of rejecting them
  • Provide Recruiters with the right set of tools and resources to execute their plan

All of these aspects should be taken in to consideration by the interviewers and the interviewees when it comes down to hiring and to ensure that you achieve your objectives successfully.  If you’d like to be part of these discussions then make sure you follow us @SourcingAdda.


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