Whats App Group Chat – How to adjust your Recruitment Strategy to Recruit Remote workers?

The weekly Whats App Group Chat Wednesday Discussions just got so much more interesting with a topic that wasn’t spoken about until now. It was surprising how we’ve not really thought about it or had a discussion on before now while we were aware of a possible development in the Talent Acquisition Industry that we’re all passionate about.

Luckily our weekly Wednesday Whats App group chats caught it thanks to our members. Which brings me to the more important task at hand; to keep you updated with the current trends that we can expect in the future. Hence @SourcingAdda we had a discussion on, “How to adjust your recruitment strategy to remote workers / employees?” as suggested by Arpita from the Bangalore Group and here’s what we found out…


Well this brings our interesting conversation to an end with a lot of things to think about and key take a ways that are sure to assist you in some way or another. Based on the conversation above we can conclude that there is a slight possibility that “Remote Hiring” could be where the Talent Acquisition Industry might be heading. Now this is something that’s worth a thought, don’t you think?

In the meantime you too get be a part of the action by joining us in these discussions so be sure to follow us @SourcingAdda for real time updates to our upcoming  events.


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