Whats App Group Chat – What are the Recruitment tools used by Different Companies?

There has been a lot of talk about Sourcing Tools & Techniques used by fellow Talent Acquisitionists at time we’ve even helped each other on countless occasions. We’re all looking for those hard to get needle in a haystack Talent and fill positions fast.  We use the commonly used tools to speed up the process but have you ever thought of the Tools that Companies use?

Well if you haven’t, don’t fret as we’ve had a discussion on the same because it was suggested by our Mumbai Whats App Group member Vijay. So the topic was on, “What are the Recruitment tools used by Different Companies?” And here’s what we discovered…

12Well this was quite a discussion going on here and we’ve too have learnt a lot here @SourcingAdda. This was an amazing discussion as we learnt so much from our fellow Talent Acquisitionist’s. And if you’re not part of these discussions then you have no idea what you’re missing out on. So join us in these Wednesday discussions and add to your learning as well.


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