Whats App Group Chat – How to find the right agency for your niche requirements?

The hunt for catching that needle in haystack candidate is not easy and even more so when you have a niche requirement. With your relentless efforts at times you may still not get the candidates with the right calibre. Thus, some organisations tend to rely on agencies to help them find talent that they desire.

While that may be a great alternative to get the Talent you’re looking for it is important to pick the right agency hence the question, “How do you find the right agency for your niche requirements?” was the What App Group Chat Wednesday’s  Discussion topic of choice. As suggested by Laxshmi from the Delhi Whats App Group and here’s what we discovered…

12Based on the Discussion above we can say that we all have gained some knowledge as to how one goes about choosing the right agency to deliver the desired candidates. Now doesn’t this make it clear as to what you should look for when picking an agency for your niche requirements?

Well if you’ve been following us @SourcingAdda and are a part of these popular Wednesday discussions then you have gained information that will most definitely benefit you and your organisation if implemented. So if you’re not part of these amazing discussions then you’re missing out on this vital information, you’re better off knowing instead of losing out on it.



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