Whats App Group Chat – How should mothers who have taken a break look at re-joining work after a long gap of 1-4 years?

As fellow Talent Acquisitionists we’ve addressed several challenges that we face when we’re looking for those needle in a haystack Talent that most of us are Sourcing.  To name a few how to improve the offer to joining ratio, candidate experience, boost quality of hires etc.  But what about mothers who have taken a break and want to re – join work after a long gap?

Well if you’ve been following us @SourcingAdda then you’d be familiar with these topics and now if you’re reading this then you’ll get insights on the Whats App Group Chat on,  “How should mother who have  taken a break look at re- joining work after a long gap of 1 – 4 years” as suggested by our Mumbai Group member Aishwarya. And here’s what we’ve uncovered…



3From the discussion above we can conclude that more and more companies have started hiring women with gaps as this is an untapped Talent that wasn’t taken into consideration due to the mind-set. But now that too is changing and Corporates who have implemented programs that cater to this Talent has impacted them positively.

Now how great is that? You get to capture Talent that can boost the growth of and bring in diversity to the organisation besides it’s an amazing way to capture Talent that most of us are looking for rather than losing them to a competitor. I think I’m justified in saying that this discussion was very insightful and helpful for all of us as a part of @SourcingAdda. So be sure to connect with us to add to your knowledge and be up to date with the current trends in the Talent Acquisition Industry that we’re all passionate about.


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