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Top Tweets of #TASCON16 – A Unique Conference Designed by Recruiters for Recruiters


The success of #TASCON16 had made us all fellow Talent Acquisitionist up to date with the current trends in the Recruitment Industry and we’ve all added to our knowledge. I’m sure we’re all excited to learn which are the Top Tweets of #TASCON16 – A Unique Conference Designed by Recruiters for Recruiters?

The wait ends so here are the Top Tweets of #TASCON16 – A Unique Conference Designed by Recruiters for Recruiters?

  1. Sharath Kumar ‏@SharathKumar

#TASCON16 @Suehasan @Manya291012 Diversity – finding rock stars from amongst the stronger half!

  1. Prasad Pimpalkar ‏@Prasad_Rider

Give #BossKiSupari cool idea @im_srikrish #TASCON16

  1. Harsh Doshi ‏@harsh0086

Sourcing diversity talent with Manya and sunayna at #TASCON16 @Sarangbrahme @huntingways @sujitpal33

  1. ADITI SHARMA ‏@aditi_sha26

One more x-ray search for #diversity #hiring #TASCON16

  1. Sathish Ganesh ‏@sathish_ganesh

#sourcing not equal to #recruitment says @im_srikrish #TASCON16

  1. Anshuman Mukherjee ‏@anshumanhr

@im_srikrish recruitment job is monotonous you can make interesting. #TASCON16

  1. Vaishali ‏@vaishaliwanchoo

#TASCON16 capturing #genderdiversity @Suehasan @Manya291012 .. Talks abt legal

  1. Mukta Patil ‏@MuktaPatil4

Source quality profiles… Don’t be a postman! #TASCON16 @SourcingAdda wonderful session!

  1. Sarang Brahme ‏@Sarangbrahme

@im_srikrish talks about skills recruiter needs to have. #TASCON16

  1. Tatyasaheb ‏@Tatya_Kolage

#TASCON16 Candidate engagement is a big challenge instead of finding candidates says @AshishPeshave #Mass #mailing

  1. Shoheb Shaikh ‏@Shoheb

#TASCON16 @AshishPeshave mentions SELO (skills, experience, location n organisation) components will help! Topic:Art of sending mass mail.

  1. Yusuf Pathan ‏@keyresourcing

Corporates should work with colleges on the syllabus development in tandem to their needs #TASCON16

  1. Bhumika ‏@Bhumika_Naik

Ritesh Madraswala speaking about Stack Overflow #TASCON16

  1. Anshul Pandey ‏@anshulusa30

Nice interactive session of @kunjal23 @SourcingAdda . Really gaining lot of knowledge

  1. Moonmoon Das ‏@Moonmoondas

Is #CX imperative ? Great debate #TASCON16 @SourcingAdda @uma2790 @kunjal23 loved the session and hope did justice to the topic

  1. PramodTMP ‏@pramod1975

+1, relevant content and transparency are key elements of candidate experience @kunjal23 @SourcingAdda @anshumanhr #TASCON16

  1. Vinayak Joglekar ‏@vinayakj

#tascon16 @Ashwanipaswan7 google spiders read first 65 chars in title and 160 characters in description

  1. Dinesh Hemdev(Danny) ‏@d_hemdev

@SourcingAdda @amitpatelHR awesome lookup from multiple database #TASCON16

  1. Abhijit ‏@huntingways

#TASCON16 Intel techniques awesome tool for Facebook search.@harsh0086 @sujitpal33 @Sarangbrahme @jkelshik

  1. Vikas Dua ‏@vykasdua

seems #TASCON16 is going to break the internet today thnx 2 u folks! @keyresourcing @aadil @purnimakumar21

  1. Vinil Chacko ‏@vinilchacko

Let the machine do the simple things and you move into complex stuff #TASCON16

And here’s what happened there were several brainstorming sessions clubbed together with fun activities that ensured that the participants had a great time while they added to their learning. #TASCON16 was a success due to the combined effort of the speakers, attendees, contestants and the Sourcing Adda team.

To know more about what went on and for more exciting news that will certainly keep you awe-struck and wishing to have been there be sure to follow @SourcingAdda.

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