Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat – Topics that matter in #TASCON16


Our most exciting annual event #TASCON16 is coming up and here’s a great opportunity to interact with fellow Talents Acquisitionist’s with the best minds in the Recruitment Industry. While this is great what is even better is a chance to get in touch with them via #SourcingChat prior to the event.

Keeping this is in mind and with #TASCON16 coming up @SourcingAdda we decided to host a #SourcingChat dedicated for this very purpose. I’m sure you’re familiar with our monthly #SourcingChats hence this month’s #SourcingChat was on, “Topics that matter in #TASCON16.”

I bet you’ve been wondering what the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat were especially if you’ve missed it; then your wait is over as here they are…

Q1. How should we define Talent Analytics and Big Data in #Recruitment? Why it’s being talked about?

#SourcingChat #TASCON16

A1: The size of data has increased like never before, hence need of big data analytics for better hiring decisions

#SourcingChat #TASCON16

Hiring shouldnt depend on gut feel, experience and organizational beliefs. Talent Analytics is Must for Quality       Recruitment. #SourcingChat

Q2. Have we moved beyond the question “why social” for hiring? #SourcingChat #TASCON16

With 600Million WhiteCollarred Professionals online, social isn’t a matter of choice anymore. Recruiters must           adopt! #TASCON16 #SourcingChat

A2: If made proper use of social space, opens a huge gateway to find talent #SourcingChat #TASCON16

A2 Debate is settled while #ROI is still stumbling block for #TalentBranding proof is in pudding from #social             #TASCON16

A2:YES. Globally 3.4B I-users& 3.7B M-users are majorly in educated category.Companies are leveraging this

for branding & outreach #TASCON16

Q3. How do we measure results of social for hiring and branding? #SourcingChat #TASCON16

@SourcingAdda A3) It depends on the level of engagement and how eagerly they are waiting for more

information! #TASCON16

A3) That’s a good one, many of the recruiters shy away from ROI however robust ATS/ smart analytics tools

really work #TASCON16

Q4. Will Digital Marketing be the future of Recruitment for talent attraction? #SourcingChat #TASCON16

A4) Will not be surprised to see JD’s asking Recruiters to have a bit of #DigitalMarketing skill

@SourcingAdda yes it will be the future if you see how many people are using internet and how may are on

Facebook, twitter etc. #TASCON16

A4 @SourcingAdda Yes n No; Yes coz digital is becomg way of life;our acq. appr. needs to embrace it


Q5 What are the strategies methods and tips companies should be incorporating in to their Diversity Hiring

process? #SourcingChat #TASCON16

A5: One simple way to diversify your workforce is by broadening your pool of sources. #SourcingChat

Measure quality of hire, time taken, cost n effort invested. It’s how many u #influencer #SourcingChat


Q6. As a recruiter, how can we source & hire more diversity talent? #SourcingChat #TASCON16

Google even removes names from resumes to avoid biases!#sourcingchat #diversity

Q7. Will machine learning be the best next big thing in Recruiting? #SourcingChat #TASCON16

@SourcingAdda #SourcingChat #TASCON16 Sensitizing Recruiters n Hiring Mgrs #UnconsciousBias is key

first step in d Diversity Rect Journey

@SourcingAdda with help of AI hiring/ sourcing process may be changed…#SourcingChat #TASCON16

A7: indeed ML is the next move, artificial Intel is will help to be ahead in the game “war of talent” #TASCON16

Well these are the results hope they turned out as you might have wanted them too. If not we still have our other #SourcingChats to look forward to and most importantly our long awaited #TASCON16 is coming up so be sure to attend as you’ll get insights that are sure to add to your knowledge. If you’d like to be part of our upcoming event/s then follow us @SourcingAdda to get real time updates to our various activities and events. You can also get in touch with us if you’d like to be added to our various WhatsApp Group Chats Wednesday Discussions and lots more.



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