Whats app Group Chat – Recruitment Tools for Passive Sourcing

As Talent Acquisitionist’s we are constantly Sourcing for the needle in the haystack and being into the Recruitment Industry we are well aware of the changing trends. This is all well for experts like us but what about our fellow Sourcers who are new in to the profession? We may have the experience and most certainly know the trends but is there a slight possibility that there are techniques that we haven’t yet heard about? I think yes, with the Recruitment Industry changing rapidly we are bound to miss out on something or the other.

If you think otherwise then stop kidding yourself, you’ll find out why by reading further, so here’s what we @SourcingAdda learnt about, “Recruitment Tools for Passive Sourcing” that was a topic suggested by our WhatsApp Group Chat member Soniya…

Recruitment Tools for Passive Sourcing v1- 1

Recruitment Tools for Passive Sourcing v1- 2This brings our informative discussion to an end and I’m sure that you didn’t know some of the things that were mentioned. More importantly from the feedback we’ve received it is clear that these discussions are becoming quite popular and helpful just the same.

So if you’re not a part of these discussions you don’t know what you’re missing out on. To know what  the best minds in the Talent Acquisition Industry had to say during #TASCON16 follow us @SourcingAdda for more updates to our upcoming events and of course #TASCON16. You can get in touch with us if you’d like to add yourself and colleagues to our What App groups to gain access to the popular Discussion Wednesday’s.


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