Whats App Group Chat – How should Recruiter’s approach different types of Candidates?

As fellow Talent Acquisitionist’s we’re ever ready to interact with Candidates we receive. At times while interacting with Candidates it becomes difficult to get the desired information we would like to know about them. This in turn hinders our task and we’re looking for new ways of interacting with them to extract the necessary information.

In view of that we @SourcingAdda decided to assist  Recruiters by directing them in the right way of interacting with Candidates and how they should behaviour towards them to gain the information they seek. Hence, the Whats App Group Chat Wednesday Discussions was on, “How should Recruiter’s behave with or approach different types of Candidates?” as suggested by our Pune  Group member Prateek.  And here’s what we uncovered…


2On the basis of the conversation above we can conclude that we as Talent Acquisitionists need to modify the techniques and methods that we implement when interacting with Candidates between interviews. As times change we too need to change the way we do things and streamline our strategies and approaches to Candidate interactions to yield maximum results.

Thus, @SourcingAdda  our motive is to assist Talent Acquisition Professionals in their endeavour of catching the needle in the haystack in order to boost ROI and improve KRAs altogether. We all realise that we need to be up-breast with the latest trends in the Recruitment Industry in order to improve our KPAs. Therefore, if you’re not part of these Whats App Group Wednesday Discussions you have no idea what you’re missing out on. If you’d like to be a part of these discussions do get in touch with us to get added to these groups. And if you’d like to be updated about our various activities then follow @SourcingAdda to receive real time updates.


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