WhatsApp Group Chat – Twitter Completes 10 years so how has it helped you?

We’ve been utilising the popular Social Media Channel i.e. Twitter for quite some time but have you ever stopped to think  about how it has helped you in your ordinary tasks. If not then it’s time to look back on all the aspects about Twitter as a whole to find out how effective it has been in our hunt for Talent.

It’s a good thing that we have our popular WhatsApp Group Chat  Discussion Wednesday’s  as it gives us time to spend on aspects, tools or networking channels that we usually take for granted. No wonder our Wednesday Discussions are important, it’s an opportunity to interact with fellow Talent Acquisitionist’s like your-selves to get to know each other in the Digital World. In reference to the occasion of Twitter completing 10 yrs. Our Group member Kunjal suggested this topic for our discussion with the focus on 2 aspects.  Hence the topic, “As Twitter completes 10 years – It would be great to know if it has helped you…

  1. If yes, how?
  2. If No, how can we leverage it in a better way?”

And here’s what we uncovered…

Twitter Completes 10 years so how has it helped you v1

That’s it for our discussion; now this was an amazing discussion with lots of take a ways. Add to this conversation with your own insights that we’ve not covered and it would be a discussion that shouldn’t be missed. So if you’re still not a part of these discussions you don’t know what you’re missing. These insights I can assure you are worth your while, besides we’d like to get your insights too as they’d be a unique perspective that we haven’t   had the privilege to encounter.

Therefore be sure to become a part of our WhatsApp Group discussions to add to your learning and teach other fellow Talent Acquisitionist’s on a fun and enlightening platform of Sourcing ADDA. Follow @SourcingAdda for updates to our upcoming events and our most exciting event of the year i.e. the Annual event #TASCON16.


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