WhatsApp Group Chat – Importance of Excel and Reporting in Sourcing or Recruiting

We all use excel on a regular bases either for entering data, generating leads, bulk emailing and lots more but have you ever wondered what else you can do with Excel and how helpful it can be to you as Talent Acquisitionist’s?

Exactly why we @SourcingAdda found it very interesting when a member of the WhatsApp Group highlighted it for us? Therefore we decided to take it as a discussion topic, “Importance of Excel and Reporting in Sourcing or Recruiting” as suggested by Prateek. Mind you if you thought it wasn’t important; the conversation below will undoubtedly make you think again. So here’s what we discovered…


Well this brings our interesting topic to rest based on the conversations we’ve received, who knew how important Excel can be in simplifying our work. And now we’ve got our work simplified further with the amazing insights expressed.

If you haven’t taught yourself more about Excel then it’s probably time to boost our knowledge about Excel that we use so often and make us all efficient workers. Hey don’t go yet, if you’re looking to add to your knowledge then registering for #TASCON16 is essential as you’ll get to interact with like minded individuals like yourself.


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