Whats App Group Chat – Appraisal Expectations v/s Reality and your reasons why?

With the appraisals round the corner everyone is on the hunt to prove why they deserve a raise but how many of us have been realistic in our responses and expectations?  Exactly, most of us usually tend to ignore the reality in our responses and expectations. Everyone wants the max and most definitely expect a hike.

This is the reality hence we @SourcingAdda decided to utilise this opportunity to help you stop and think about things that wouldn’t cross your mind otherwise. The opportunity we are referring to here is our popular Wednesday Discussions. Yet again the discussion topic was suggested by our Whats App Group Chat member from the Delhi group i.e. Raveena. The discussion topic was on, “Appraisal Expectations v/s Reality and why?”  And here’s what we uncovered…

Appraisal Expectations vs Reality and your reasons why v1

Well we can conclude from the above conversation that there are a few things that make a world of a difference to the appraisals one receives. But we can all be realistic in the pay hikes we would like to get before deciding on the raises. In the meantime we received a lot of responses that we all should think about at the time of our next appraisals.

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