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Top Tweets of the SourcingChat – Empowering Recruiters as Brand Ambassadors

As Recruiters have you ever thought about yourselves as Brand Ambassadors? If not, then here’s a chance to stop and step into the role as Brand Ambassadors. Now that you’ve done that what aspects have you come across so far?

I’m sure that it would be similar to ones mentioned in the, “Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat  – Empowering Recruiters as Brand Ambassadors” that was conducted. If not, then here’s a chance to find out and be enlightened by following the Tweets mentioned.

Remember these are but only the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat. If you’re interested in finding out the others then the Storify of the #SourcingChat i.e. Empowering Recruiters as Brand Ambassadors will be helpful. In the meantime here’s a peek into the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat..


Q1. What according to you is a Brand Ambassador? #SourcingChat

A1: @SourcingAdda people who are synonymous with the brand with passion 4r building relationship & who is           a  ntaural leader #SourcingChat

A1. Anyone who spreads/shares your values #SourcingChat @sourcingadda

@SourcingAdda #sourcingchat The one who represents the companyculture, values

@SourcingAdda A1. One who vouch for the product quality and use their own credibility 2 win people trust for             Brand!! #SourcingChat

A1: The one who represents company culture and adding values to it. #SourcingChat                                                   …

@SourcingAdda A1- Brand Ambassador is a person who present your product as he is using it and getting                     benefits #sourcingchat

#SourcingChat. recruiter becomes branding initiative while doing recruitment events or social networking                     hiring

Q2. What are the best ways to Transform #Recruiters into Brand Ambassadors? #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda #sourcingchat A2.Understand business,believe in the brand, sell to prospective candidates,                 make a  difference in their career.

@SourcingAdda Q2 : Equip them with the right tools where they can advertise the good work they have been                doing #SourcingChat

A2. Hosting/Anchoring in Job fairs, Campus placement, seminars / conferences. #Recruiters image in a Job                Description #SourcingChat

A2 Enrolling them to the idea that #recruitment is a sales role, you are the #Brand & candidate experience is                brand experience #SourcingChat

Q3. According to you, is it essential for Employers to empower their Recruiters as Brand Ambassadors?                          #SourcingChat

A3 Yes, bcoz if ur recruiters will b ur brand ambassadors then they’ll become more loyal to ur product                              #SourcingChat …

A3. @SourcingAdda #sourcingchat Yes certainly. They are the first and single point of contact for the future                  team  members.

Q4. Why are #Recruiters the best Brand Ambassadors? #SourcingChat

A4 #SourcingChat Most effective for reinforcing employer brand in talent market, recruiters reach out, sell,                  hustle everyday @sourcingadda

#recruiters are B2C brand sales people, front-line salesforce…#sourcingchat


Q5. As a Brand Ambassador what measures would you take to promote your Employer? #SourcingChat

A5. Be aware of your company and business. Live its values.Look & sound like a proud employee first.                              #sourcingchat …

A6 show real stories and honest success. And network network network #SourcingChat                                              …

There you have it so before you go do you remember the question I asked earlier?  Then tell me, were your aspects included in the ones that were mentioned, if not then leave your views in the comments section and we’ll be glad to add to our knowledge as well.  Meanwhile keep following @SourcingAdda to remain updated with the upcoming activities in real time and add to your knowledge as well.


Some Developments in Twitter

Sourcing on Twitter now is simplified due to the Developments in Twitter. I’m sure that these new developments in Twitter are sure to boost your sourcing efforts with these simple yet easy to use products. Who knew that Sourcing and Monitoring on Twitter would be this simple?


Twitter Analytics

For those of you, who were looking for an answer to your monitoring needs, look no further as the tool has arrived. Twitter Analytics is the tool that fulfills all your monitoring needs. This tool gives you updates on the number of impressions and favorites your tweets have received, the amount of times users have viewed the tweet on Twitter including the clicks on your profile, the retweets and replies to your Tweets, how often users have engaged with a Tweet and what were the engagements.


It is an effective tool that enables you to arrange all feeds from various social networks in one place i.e. the TweetDeck dashboard. In addition to this you can also schedule and customize your tweets and feeds to suite your social search needs.  Here you can also create lists of the people you follow. The lists created can help you manage the different target groups and also allows you to keep tabs on what is being tweeted all in one place.


It helps you to keep track of conversations about you, your products, your company and everything related with hourly updates. Tracking who tweets your website or blogs, is possible even people use shortened URLs with Tweetbeep. It’s a perfect tool for online marketing and to get all the replies and mentions.


This tool allows you to get email alerts whenever someone tweets about you, your product, your company or anything that interests you. So you are always notified about the latest updates and activity about all your tweets.


If you thought just monitoring your twitter account was enough, well how would you like to track the progress of your social interactions and that too with real time data. This tool gives you information about real time developments in the progress of your product and any activity that is related.

Co Tweet

This tool is perfect for individuals and companies that have to manage a small number of Twitter accounts that require basic features of monitoring. The free version comprises of features where you can schedule your conversation history, email notifications with latest mentions, team collaborations tools and access to Twitter follower profiles as well.


If you’re looking to track your Twitter statistics then this is the ideal tool to use. It gives you stats on Twitter usage and even tracks over 14 million users. In addition to this it offers a variety of widgets and buttons that people can add to their blogs, websites or social network profiles to show recent twitter visitors and followers.

So let’s, boost the souring results with the help of these cool and yet amazing tools that help us monitor and source candidates of caliber. Besides it wouldn’t hurt to monitor the progress and pay attention to the comments that the company receives on its online presence.

Hike Group Chat – Current Market Trends in convincing Candidates from bigger firms to join mid-sized firms

The Talent Acquisition profession is a demanding profile requiring patience, Talent Sourcing skills and to be a Proactive Recruiter who is on the move for a successful hiring. Interacting and Socialising with people is Recruiters bread and butter.

Finding Talented Candidates is like looking for a needle in a haystack thus being abreast with the current market trends in convincing Candidates from bigger firms to join mid-sized firms is that much more essential. Hence Sourcing Adda decided to have the Hike Group Chat Wednesday’s discussion on, “The current trend in the market to convince a candidate from a bigger firm to join a mid-sized firms” as suggested by Sathya a member form the South Group and here’s what we uncovered…Hike Group Chat

From the discussion above we can conclude that the interactions were quite informative and insightful. Hence, we can say that we have added to our knowledge and now you too can by following @SourcingAdda to get updates to our upcoming events.

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