Hike Group Chat – Should a Recruiter’s LinkedIn profile be personal or in sync with the Company’s vision or policies?

There has been a longstanding debate about whether a Recruiter’s LinkedIn profile should be personal or in sync with the Company’s vision/ policies they work for. A discussion encourages two perspectives leaving you with mixed responses.

In such a scenario reaching a conclusion is difficult hence @SourcingAdda we decided to get to similar ground  based on the suggestion of the Hike Group Chat member Harsh thus the Wednesdays discussion topic was on, “Should LinkedIn profiles be personal one or should it be in sync with the company’s vision/policies where a Recruiter works?” here’s what was discussed…….


Based on the conversation above we can conclude that while having a LinkedIn profile should be personal you can also promote the Company within your profile details by mentioning the Company name that you are currently working at.  In this way you can also brand the company simultaneously besides there are other Social Media channels to utilise for personal branding, don’t you agree?

So evidently a mix of both is essential, for similar reasons being either personal or employer branding making your LinkedIn profile two sides of the same coin. Amazing isn’t it? If you like this particular post then follow @SourcingAdda for real time updates to our upcoming activities and be a part of them as well while you enjoy as you add to your knowledge.


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