Hike Group Chat – Best practices of Headhunting or Phone Sourcing

The Recruitment Industry is constantly evolving and most Organisations are relying on modern techniques of Sourcing Candidates. While Organisations use referrals to a large extent more of them are now turning to Headhunting and Phone Sourcing methods of Talent Sourcing.

In view of this development in the Talent Acquisition Industry the next Hike Group Chat discussion addressed this very topic, “what are the best practices for Headhunting OR Phone Sourcing?” as suggested by Amit from the West  Hike Group of Sourcing Adda.  And here’s what we discovered………..blog_main

Based on the conversation above we can conclude that the Headhunting and Phone Sourcing methods that are a part of the modern techniques of Talent Sourcing are quite promising to fill positions.  If you’d like to add to your learning then be sure to follow @SourcingAdda and be a part of Sourcing Adda and participate in more such activities to come as you can be assured that you will definitely add to your learning and will assist you in your quest to be the best Talent Acquisitionist there is.


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