How to Use Pinterest for Recruiting?

Most Recruiters and Sourcers use Social Media for Recruiting. The popular ones being LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but are there others that can be used for Recruiting, if so what are they? If you haven’t already thought about this don’t fret because many Recruiters or Job Seekers alike haven’t either.

The reasons why Recruiters and Sourcers might not have thought about such channels are plenty but to name a few, the popularity of these sites results in a huge pool of talented individuals to choose from, the fear of not achieving the desired results via channels that have not yet been explored, the mental block that these are the only sites where the chances of recruiting the right Candidates are higher due to the volume of users.

Well, while that may be true it doesn’t really have to be just those sites. Specific sites like Pinterest that are devoted to creativity can serve a Recruiter well for specific Candidates.


Recruiting for Creative Individuals

Pinterest being devoted to creativity is the perfect site for Recruiting Candidates for creative profiles for instance if one is searching for a Teacher or a Designer, Pinterest is a good site. Here too Recruiters can search for Candidates in a similar fashion like any other social networking site. The only drawback is direct contact with potential Candidates. But that doesn’t matter if you redirect it to sites like Facebook, Linked In or Twitter.

Recruiting for Other Profiles

If you thought Pinterest was good only for Recruiting Teachers or Designers, you are sadly mistaken. Because Pinterest functions along similar lines like any other popular Social Network, Pinterest too helps you to create a board for your company. Once created Recruiters can then post job specs on the company’s board.

Develop Connections

Although you can create boards based on your interests you can even attract individuals of similar interests to your board and thus build your connections as a recruiter. By creating such boards you can even share them on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Pin Multimedia

Don’t just use images for Recruiting, use YouTube to pin multimedia. Apart from pinning images of team building activities on your company board you can add some videos of employees in action.  This will promote the skill your company is looking for. And you are likely to attract individuals who share this similar trait thus speeding up your sourcing process.

Creating User Engagement

Not only can companies promote themselves via the board but they can also gain a perspective on the interests on possible Candidates. Apart from this companies can also look at what people have pinned and by this it gives them an idea of their interests. This helps them not only to develop their brand name but also gives them an insight in to what interests customers which in turn helps them to improve their products based on these findings.

So are you going to grab this opportunity to explore new Social Media sites for Recruiting? Are you going to be the first to explore other channels that have not yet been explored to select Candidates? Besides its high time you added Pinterest to your Sourcing toolkit to boost your Recruiting and Sourcing needs.


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