Hike Group Chat – How to attract Passive Talent?

Attracting Passive Talent is simple enough with a readymade vast pool of connections available online. Making sure you attract these candidates isn’t that simple. This is because of a few changes to the Recruiter’s role today. They are now expected to possess Sales and Marketing skills clubbed together with Branding Skills all of this to scout candidates best suited for the role.

Due to this development just being a Recruiter isn’t enough if you’re looking to attract Passive Talent that now makes up 75% of the workforce according to a LinkedIn Survey conducted with 18,000 users across 26 countries. Hence, we @SourcingAdda conducted our weekly Discussion on, “How to attract Passive Talent” upon the request of our Hike Group Chat member i.e. Sainath from South and here’s what was revealed…Blog-1Apart from the ones already mentioned we also have some other ways by which you can capture Passive Talent such as posting new vacancies on a well-known site like Dice, the all-time favourite Referrals programs that till date have proved very effective, posting your Job Specs on countless sites that are Industry specific and cater to only those individuals, publishing articles that are either Industry specific or otherwise. Another way is by ensuring that your site is Mobile Savvy and let’s not forget Employer and Employee Branding that inculcates audience engagement to build Talent pipelines that you can count on to meet those growing KRAs.

These are just some innovative ways to attract the right Talent. If you have something more to add please be sure to leave your comments and we’ll include them in our next post. In the meantime follow @SourcingAdda to stay updated with our ongoing activities and future events.


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