Top Tweets of the Sourcing Chat – Best Practices in Social Recruiting

We’ve heard so much about Social Media Recruiting most of us even use it to a great extent yet as Recruiter’s have you stopped to wonder whether your methods are efficient?

If you haven’t then we @SourcingAdda took the liberty to find out whether the methods we’re using as Talent Acquisitions are ideal and most effective. We hosted the #SourcingChat on, “Best Practices in Social Recruiting”. If you’ve missed it then here is the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat that we shortlisted for your reference…


  1. Sourcing Adda @SourcingAdda

Q1. What aspects should one focus on when attracting candidates on Social Channels? #SourcingChat

  1. Arvind Ramani @Arvind_R16

A1: Consistent messaging & a timely response structure are basics while trying to attract candidates via #Social

Channels #SourcingChat

  1. Achyut Menon @achyutmenon

@SourcingAdda A1 “Fish where the fish are!” Listen in and follow them to understand, Good things come to

those who bait! #SourcingChat

  1. D Prasanth Nair @DPrasanthNair

@SourcingAdda A1 #sourcingchat understand TG. Be present in where they are. Present reality

  1. Sourcing Adda @SourcingAdda

Q2. What are the key elements to perfecting a Recruiting Brand’s Social Media Presence? #SourcingChat

  1. Nitisha Shah @nitishashah1

The best way to encourage #Employees to post on #social media is to use #socialcontent distribution software

#SourcingChat @namanstaffing

  1. Aadil Bandukwala @aadil

A2 Recruiting isn’t about B2B or B2C or B2G. It’s about H2H: Human To Human. Firms need to bring their

Culture to Life #SourcingChat

  1. Soumava Alan Saha @augustbornleo

Indeed ! Specially JobDescription should be creative. D need some changes for an effective social eng


  1. Sourcing Adda @SourcingAdda

Q3. How can HR analytics improve the Social Recruiting Strategy of Talent Acquisitions? #SourcingChat

  1. Madhav Vamsi @Madhavspeaks

1st hv trained hr 2nd chose right tool 3rd ask right qs to ur #analytics engine #SourcingChat @SourcingAdda

  1. Shyam Prajapati @i_beinghr

@SourcingAdda #Sourcingchat Hr analytics helps 2 understand need and supply related insights, it helps to

identify and track apt candidate.

  1. Manav Das @manavdas

@SourcingAdda #SourcingChat a2) Proper social media channel with timely engagement with potential and

current audience

  1. Manish Pipalwa @pipalwa (2RT, 2F)

A3 #HRanalytics will help Derive the #SocialRecruiting #ROI.It will help to Build Future #Hiring Plans

  1. s@chin @suchnes



  1. Sourcing Adda @SourcingAdda

Q4. What aspects should Recruiters focus on to generate results on Social Media besides data? #SourcingChat

  1. Mukta Patil @MuktaPatil4

A4 Networking with right audience. Selling your #Brand enough to convert passive candidates active.


  1. Manish Pipalwa @pipalwa

A4 Don’t Send Gentle Reminders on #Socialmedia Platforms. #Email Etiquette do not work here.#sourcingchat

  1. Sourcing Adda @SourcingAdda

Q5. What kind of results Recruiters can get through Social Media? #SourcingChat

  1. Parul Sharma @parulsharma23

@SourcingAdda #sourcingchat A5) Part 1 :Thru Tremendous Result of So Me Hiring I bet If my Target

Resource Exist, He will be Found, ABCF & R

  1. Emma Hunt @emmahunt10

A5. Hires, brand attraction, build pipelines – the list goes beyond 140 characters #SourcingChat

The Tweets to the #SourcingChat clearly enlighten you and make you realize whether your methods are as effective as they seem so here’s where I leave you with a subject that is worth an afterthought to ensure that your efforts are effective. If you’re interested in being a part of future such activities follow @SourcingAdda.


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