Hike Group Chat – Best Practices for Employee Referrals

As Recruiters we’re constantly required to fill positions on a regular basis so we require a strong pipeline of Candidates. With that being the case receiving Employee Referrals actually helps us speed up the Recruitment process. For this reason we decided on how best we can improve Employee Referrals.

Therefore the weekly Hike Group Chat discussion’s focus was on the, “Best Practices for Employee Referrals.” A topic suggested by one of our Hike Group Chat members i.e. Kanhaiya Lal from South. And here’s what we @SourcingAdda discovered…

Best Practices for Employees ReferralsThese are some really great ideas portrayed on how to improve Employee Referrals and it’s amazing to learn that some of them are already being implemented. From this discussion we can conclude that the Talent Acquisition Industry is certainly evolving continuously and these conversations bring us all up to date with the changing scenarios in the Industry we share a common interest.

This is proof that we are all adapting to these developments and I can surely say we have a lot of Creative Talent Acquisitionists here as a part of the Sourcing Adda family. All the more reason to continue to be a part and be active participants in these Hike Group Chat Discussions because we’re in the midst of creativity i.e. isn’t easy to come by. To know more be sure to follow @SourcingAdda.


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