Hike Group Chat – How to get Work Commitment from Campus Hires?

The title in itself explains the issue that was addressed to gain insightful solutions in the popular Hike Group Chat organised by Sourcing Adda. The Wednesday discussion topic that we had was suggested by one of our group members Sainath from South. The topic titled, “How to get Work Commitment from Campus Hires?” was discussed. We are happy to announce that the topic was well received by our members. Here’s what we uncovered during the discussion…blog_mainThe discussion above clears any misconceptions or unclear aspects regarding the topic in question. Hope this information was helpful to you at least it was for me. In the meantime if you liked this discussion then your might find the discussion on what do you do as a Recruiter to Identify Culture Fit Candidates? Quite informative and useful. You can also follow us @SourcingAdda to get regular updates to the same.


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