Top Tweets of the Sourcing Chat – Content Marketing for Recruiters

As a Recruiter you’re constantly in touch with potential candidates and you’re in search of talented candidates. Considering this it becomes important to equip yourself with the knowledge of Content Marketing hence we decided to have a #SourcingChat on Content Marketing for Recruiters.

If you’re following Sourcing Adda then I’m sure you’d like to know which are the, “Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat on Content Marketing for Recruiters” hence here they are…


Q1. Do you think Recruiters need to do Content Marketing? #SourcingChat

A1 #Recruiter Sell #career via #job. To Sell it effectively -ensure you have Right Content #SourcingChat

A1: Yes. Recruiters are responsible to attract best talent in the market. So it helps in branding the company

@SourcingAdda #SourcingChat

Q2. How important is Content Marketing to Recruiters? #SourcingChat

A2 #Recruiters first should know what is the Importance of Right #Content #SourcingChat See Image

A2 #SourcingChat candidates decide on opp based on info gathered online/ offline.

Cntnt mktng plays key role in influencing decisions.

Q.3 What role does Content Marketing play in Recruiting? #SourcingChat

A3: It defines the expectations and responsibilities of a role. Crisp and Precise content attracts best talent

@SourcingAdda #SourcingChat

A3 Attracting talent through great content, advertising opportunities and creating an #employerbrand


Q4. What impact does Content Marketing have in a candidate’s decision to join a company?#SourcingChat

A4 It can be useful only if he/she gets good insight into the company, hence influencing his decision


A4: Better understanding of Business+What current employees r doing+What new role is all about+Future

Growth @SourcingAdda #SourcingChat

Q5. Which Social Media Channels do you use for Content Marketing? #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda A5.Twitter, LinkedIn facebook, company website #SourcingChat

A5 Choice of #socialmedia should be decided based on Type of #Content #SourcingChat

Q6. What aspects should be considered when creating Content? #SourcingChat

A6 Showcasing the real values, culture and face of an organization #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda A6. Prospective employees employees/Audience, language, showcase of big thinking,

talk about success stories #sourcingChat


Read: …

@SourcingAdda #SourcingChat

Q7. What are your Strategies to effective Content Marketing? #SourcingChat

A7.Quality content, employee speak, social foundation of org, audience engagement & most important

“feedback”. #SourcingChat

A7- We can follow few steps while designing Perfect #Content strategy #SourcingChat

A7 Design, Execute and Refine the Content- The objective is to Attract #Talent #SourcingChat

There you have it, now don’t you agree that these Tweets were enlightening? I for one can certainly say that I’ve definitely learnt a thing or two and I’m looking forward to more such #SourcingChats as you are bound to learn something new with every discussion that takes place. To be a part of more such #SourcingChats be sure to follow @SourcingAdda to get real time updates to our upcoming activities.




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