Hike Group Chat – How do you handle “Infant Mortality” in your Organisations?

At Sourcing Adda we constantly encourage our members to actively participate in the activities we conduct with the Hike Group Chat being one of the many activities we conduct. The Hike Group Chat is conducted every Wednesday where fellow Talent Acquisitionists get together to share their views and perspectives to stay updated with the current trends in the Industry we’re all passionate about.

In view of this, one of our members Manav from the South zone suggested that we have a discussion on the trending topic “Infant Mortality”. Hence, we took his suggestion and decided to have a discussion on, “How do you handle ‘Infant mortality’ in your organisations, in reference to the below article http://m.economictimes.com/articleshow/49319093.cms.

But before we find out what inputs we got let’s brief you about the topic i.e. Infant Mortality. It’s that crucial engagement time from the day the candidate accepts the offer till he on-boards the organisation. We would like to hear the perspectives of our fellow Talent Acquisitionists in order to enrich the learning experience.   And here’s what we uncovered about how we can creatively gaze the pulse of the candidate/sblog_mainAlthough this was a short discussion, I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say it was still insightful. At least I for one didn’t know about what measures other organisations were taking to curb “Infant Mortality.” It’s really nice to know that most organisations are investing in ensuring that the best candidates get on-board with the organisation. This only goes to show how the Talent Acquisition Industry is evolving and at what pace. Well let’s all make an effort to enrich the learning experience for us and our fellow Talent Acquisitionists as well by following @Sourcing Adda with active participation in the activities to come.


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