Hike Group Chat – Diversity Hiring

The weekly Sourcing Adda (@SourcingAdda) discussions are held on the new platform i.e. Hike Group Chat. The topic for the discussion was suggested by one of our Hike Group Chat members Anvesh. He wanted to have a discussion on the widely talked about topic i.e., “Diversity Hiring.” And we decided to discuss more about this topic based on certain aspects listed below –

  • Are there any Legal implications in India on Diversity hiring?
  • Why is it difficult to convince women (Why is it difficult to sell a job to women)?
  • Are there any best practices/programs to attract women to the Jobs?

We received an out pour of responses which were quite informative and I’m sure you’d want to be enlightened yourself too, so here are the different expert perspectives we got…12Well this was an amazing discussion with new members expressing their views as well and were exposed to different perspectives too. Let’s have more perspectives in these weekly Hike Group Chats that we all enjoy by inviting more experts to join in so that they too can enlighten themselves. For updates to our upcoming activities follow @SourcingAdda and get ready to be amazed!


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