Hike Group Chat – How to curb NO SHOW of Candidates?

If you’ve been consciously following Sourcing Adda (@SourcingAdda) then you’d know that we have shifted the well – received WhatsApp Group Chat discussions on to the Hike platform. This is to improve the engagement and experience of our fellow community members. In addition we also make an effort to give our members the opportunity to come up with topics that they would like to discuss.

In view of that the topic of discussion was selected by Chetan Indap a member of the Mumbai Group. The topic for our discussion was, “Can you all list down 3 or best practices we can follow to curb NO SHOW of candidates?” and here’s what our fellow experts had to say…1234Well this brings our discussion to an end and we’re glad to learn that we have a few suggestions for our discussions to come as well. Once again we’d like to thank all our members for their insights that help us make this discussion better, for their continued support and participation. So if you have a topic to discuss or a tip to share then leave a comment. And we’ll be happy to consider your suggestions. In the meantime let’s bring more experts into these discussions and grow together as a part of the Sourcing Adda family.


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