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WhatsApp Group Chat – What are those incidents, experiences, experiments and out of the box ideas which helped you to successfully achieve KRAs?

For the WhatsApp Group Chat discussion that we had, we decided to do something different as we knew that our members were constantly inundated with information. For this reason the topic of discussion was on, what is that one (or more) incident/experience/experiment/out of the box idea which you have implemented in your daily work which resulted in placements or helped you in successfully achieving your KRAs? Well we received an outpour of responses from our members and here’s what we came across…12I’d like to include all the tips that were shared along with these impressive incidents, experiences, experiments and out of the box ideas but the list would be endless. More importantly I didn’t know that we were in the presence of such creative individuals, well now I do and I’m really glad to get to know them. If you want to be a part of these chats to learn more tips then follow @SourcingAdda.


Top Tweets of the SourcingChat – Candidate Experience: A Need or a Buzzword?

We’ve heard so much about candidate experience and its importance but have you ever wondered whether it is a need or a buzzword. We @SourcingAdda took the liberty to find out and confirm our views about the same by conducting a #SourcingChat. So here are the top tweets of the Chat…


Q.1 How do you define candidate experience? #SourcingChat

A1. The reactions of a Candidate in Every Process of Hiring and goes until his Joining.

The reaction can be + or – ve #sourcingchat

@SourcingAdda A1. Candidate experience is collective result of the interaction you have

with the candidate in hiring process #SourcingChat

Q.2 What are the components of candidate experience? #SourcingChat

A2 – Every interaction of an organization with a candidate are components of candidate

experience #sourcingchat

#Sourcingchat @SourcingAdda A2) Components: Academics, Attitude, Advancement, Ability

to Acknowledge his knowledge,

Q.3 How important is the Candidate Experience during the Hiring Process? #SourcingChat

A3) Word-of-mouth marketing #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda A3: The Employer Brand is as strong as the Candidate Experience in hiring

process #sourcingchat

Q.4 What can you do to ensure a high satisfaction candidate experience? #SourcingChat

A4. #RECRUITERS Lose the “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” Attitude #sourcingchat

@SourcingAdda A4) 1) Simplify your employment job application process 2) Customize Form

E-mails #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda A4) 3.Make sure your job descriptions are accurate 4.Communication is key

5. Pick up the phone and talk (2/2) #SourcingChat

Q.5 What are the factors that lead to bad candidate experience? #SourcingChat

A5) Unclear JD’s and Imprecise feedback #sourcingchat #candidate_experience

A5. – Lengthy Hiring TAT, Delay in Feedback, and Recruiter Laid back attitude etc.


A5) Just one word “Time” Ans for all 5 questions #SourcingChat

Q.6 How can you minimize the effect of these factors? #SourcingChat

A6) Provide candid feedback #sourcingchat #candidate_experience

A6) Screening should be done properly + Time management #SourcingChat

Q.7 Does your organization conduct a candidate experience survey? #SourcingChat

A7 We do During offer process and Post Joining Feedback & also feedback sheet on each

weekend interview event #sourcingchat

A7) No, but not sure if companies would want to invest in #candidate_experience


Q. 8 Bottom-line – Is candidate experience – A need or a buzzword #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda A8) It’s a Need & don’t make it Buzzword #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda A8. Both need and Buzzword #SourcingChat

A closer look into these tweets surprised us as there were a lot of views expressed of which a few were similar to ours. That was quite impressive and interesting too. If you’ve enjoyed these tweets and want to know more then follow @SourcingAdda.


WhatsApp Group Chat – What difference can creativity make when Recruiters are already meeting their targets?

As Talent Acquisition Professionals we are constantly in search of talent for vacancies that crop up at regular intervals. With that being said, getting candidates that meet all the requirements isn’t easy. In such a scenario we start looking for ways and techniques that can help boost the candidate search. This got us thinking whether creativity has something to do with the candidate search hence the question, “what difference can creativity make when Recruiters are already meeting their targets?” This was the focus of the WhatsApp Group Chat that was held. Here’s what we found out…12This discussion that we had was amazing with interesting inputs to the question. A look into the discussion made us realise that we’ve never thought about these aspects. Well, we got the answer to the question that was posed earlier on in the write up. But if you’ve also added to your knowledge and would like updates to similar upcoming chats then follow @SourcingAdda.

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