WhatsApp Group Chat – Do we get back to the Candidates on their Application Status?

As Talent Acquisition Professionals we are usually overburdened with tasks and Sourcing for Candidates can be a daunting one at that. In the process of Talent Sourcing we tend to ignore common courtesy of providing timely feedback or updates about the position with the applicants. The WhatsApp Group Chat topic for discussion catered to this very aspect which was highlighted by our Sourcing Adda (@SourcingAdda) member Hussain. Hence, the topic of discussion was, “How many of us actually make an effort to get back to the candidates on their application status.” Wherein we also focused on two other aspects related –

  1. Is there a practice we follow in particular (send emails/ make calls)?
  2. Is there something else that we can incorporate?

And here’s what we found out…whatsapp_group chatnew1

whatsapp_group chatnew2From the conversation that was depicted based on the WhatsApp Group Chat highlighted above we can conclude that it is important to be courteous with potential candidates. This is because as Talent Acquisition Professionals we rely on Potential Candidate Experience as well for our Employer & Employee Branding needs. So now that you are familiar with the importance of informing Candidates about their application status I’m sure you’re impressed with the information shared. Follow us @SourcingAdda to be updated about our upcoming events that might be of interest.


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