5 Reasons for a Strong Campus Recruiting Program

More and more Companies are looking for cost effective and time saving methods and techniques to improve the quality of hires. While Social media is the obvious choice, most companies are now looking at campus recruiting as the obvious choice. It’s a surprise! Isn’t it?

You are probably wondering the same things as I am. So let’s tackle the question that is on everybody’s mind. Why is that so? Therefore, with an effort to ease you’re curiosity as to the company’s choice of action, it is important that we look at the various reasons why campus recruiting is a popular choice after Social media, hence, here are, “5 Reasons for a Strong Campus Recruiting Program.”

5 Reasons for a Strong Campus Recruiting Program

Social Media

With everyone turning to Social media to meet their recruitment needs, sites like Twitter and Facebook are constantly flooding with companies and recruiters or recruiting agencies. Hence, if everyone is, tilting towards social media to fulfil their recruitment needs, you can only guess the kind of quality you’ll get. Because let’s face it all the good ones will be picked up.

On – Campus Recruiting

While most companies look to social media to fill positions, the smart companies rely on campus recruiting for more success as they get the pick of the litter from the very best institutes. This helps them as they get the first hand impression of the kind of candidates that are available that too from a recognised institute.

Blocking and tackling your competitors

Another aspect that on – campus recruiting helps companies with is that it minimises their competitors and even blocks them especially if they aren’t using the same techniques of recruiting their staff, which is usually the case. This gives them more room and even helps them, make good recruitment decisions as they don’t have to compete in a cut throat competition.

Avoiding retirements and an intellectual drain

Hiring campus students year after year builds ones company brand and even gives you the freedom to keep coming back and develop tie-ups with specific institutes without the awkward feeling of first impressions and developing a rapport. Sounds familiar? This ensures that you have a recurring pool of candidates that you can fall back on to fill any vacant positions in time.

A Recurrent Campus Recruiting Strategy

While On – campus recruitment has its benefit, as mentioned earlier it also has some other benefits as students are likely to opt for vacant positions at your company simply because they are familiar with your company and they’ve got good reviews from students that were pass outs and have been hired as well.

Are these reasons enough to give you an idea as to why more and more companies are opting for campus recruitment as the preferred technique or strategy to select candidates that are suitable and that possess the talents required for the job posts? Hope this has been as informative as it has been for me and has it answered the question posed earlier? If yes and if you’d like to add some more, make sure that you leave your views in the comments section.


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