Top Tweets of the Sourcing Chat – Candidate assessments does it matter at every level?

It’s time to refresh our memories on the SourcingChat (#SourcingChat) that was conducted by our all-time favourite Community, Can you guess which? Yes, you’ve guessed right Sourcing Adda (@SourcingAdda). We at Sourcing Adda would like to thank all our participants for sharing their interesting insights about “Candidate assessments, does it matter at every level?” It was quite informative for the ones present. But let’s get right to the point and find out which were the Top Tweets of the SourcingChat (#SourcingChat). Interesting enough…SourcingChat

Well this sure was quite informative, I mean there were things that I wasn’t aware of until the SourcingChat and I’m sure you too weren’t aware. Besides we had a lot of views expressed and I can say that it was a success this is because of the feedback we received from our Tweeters. If you’ve enjoyed the Chat then I’ sure you’re waiting to know when we’re having the next Chat. To get timely updates be sure to follow us @Sourcing Adda or #SourcingChat.


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