What are Jobgrams, Infographics and Gamifications?

The Recruitment industry is constantly evolving and to be a part of this ever-changing profession it is essential that Talent Acquisition Professionals be willing to upgrade them-selves to be successful. Your probably wondering why a topic on Jobgrams, Infographics and Gamifications? Well that’s simple really as these are trending ways of writing your boring JD’s. And don’t tell me they aren’t because when you’ve been doing work like this for so long it tends to become mundane.

Having said that, another reason for this is because these are better ways of attracting fresh talent that you’re searching for. These are the best ways to get potential job seekers attracted to your openings and to catch the right talent. As a Recruiter you might be familiar with concepts like Jobgrams, Infographics and Gamifications. But if not and you’d like to know more about these concepts then you’re on the right track.

We all know that there are different ways of portraying information that potential candidates are searching for. We are also aware that there is no law prohibiting Recruiters and Sourcers from implementing these new and trending strategies in our candidate search. So then I ask you why do we as Recruiters and Sourcers refrain from using thesemethods? The reasons are plenty but the real question is, are we aware of these methods? So let’s find out what they are…Jobgram


Jobgrams are a form of visual representation for job ads that are used by organisations to showcase employer branding, reach potential and untapped pools of talent across social and referral channels. Jobgrams are slowly getting into the entertainment space as they convey all the necessary information in a clear format that eases visibility and attracts the audience.


These are also visual representations of information or data conveyed in a chart or diagram format which eases ones visibility. This format showcases the information clearly and in an attractive manner which appeals to the viewer. This is the perfect way to portray statistical data to the audience without confusing them at any point.


Gamifications use game thinking along with game mechanics but in a non-game context that engages users to solve problems and increase the users’ contributions. It can also be used as a learning tool to educate Recruiters & Sources on the latest developments within the industry depending upon the kind of information you want to convey to your audience.

Well these are just a few types of visual representations that one can avail to showcase the data they’ve collected over a period of time. But who’s to say that these methods may not be effective in one’s hiring hunt unless tried and tested. Apart from these there are other methods that Recruiters and Sourcers can implement in their hiring strategy to catch the hard to get candidates. So now that you are aware of these new and improved methods why don’t you go ahead and implement them? If you have any points to add do tell and we’d be glad to add them in our next post.


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