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WhatsApp Group Chat – What is the Volume of IT hires done through Social media?

Unlike the usual Chats that you come across @SourcingAdda we have taken the initiative to bring together under one umbrella Recruiters and Sourcers from a pan India level. The objective of creating a WhatsApp Group Chat is to help Recruiters & Sourcers interact with each other and stay updated with the latest trends in the Talent Acquisition field. This is possible because we conduct WhatsApp Group Chats in 8 different cities namely Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune 1 along with 3 more additions Pune 2, Kolkata and Gujarat.

If you’re not a part of these groups you should make it a point to sign up for them as you are sure to learn a thing or two. More importantly you will be able to connect with thought leaders within the Industry. But enough of this and lets find out the views of Recruiters & Sourcers about the Volume of IT hires done through Social media. Here’s what several of them had to say…1and2Well that brings an end to this interesting conversation that we’ve been waiting so patiently for. But wait I haven’t heard your point of view just yet. So if you have any comments we’d like to hear from you as well. If you’re looking to hear more then you need only follow @SourcingAdda.


WhatsApp Group Chat – Can candidates be blacklisted by a company?

Well it’s great to have so many Talent Acquisition Professionals like yourself participating, adding or inviting new people to join Sourcing Adda’s (@SourcingAdda) WhatsApp Group Chat. From the traffic that we’re receiving, I can honestly say that we’re in for a variety of perspectives. I’m confident that the conversations we’re having are definitely going to be something that aren’t worth a miss. So if you haven’t yet joined well you better as you’re definitely going to receive great insights from a variety of individuals. Besides how often does this happen?

Still not convinced then let’s give you more reasons as to why you don’t want to miss them. This time the discussion topic was suggested by our Bangalore group member i.e. Aarthi Devi. The discussion was about, “Can candidates be blacklisted by a company and is it ill-legal for Recruiters to tell the candidate that they are blacklisted if they have absconded.” Therefore let’s find out what views were brought forward and add to our learning.

123Well this brings our little chat to a close and I’m sure you’ve taken a thing or to back with you. How great is that? If you’ve enjoyed this chat and want to know more about them then you simply need to follow @SourcingAdda to get updates.

WhatsApp Group Chat – Why Recruiters & Sourcers should use Twitter?

Can you guess what time is it? If not here’s a hint – were you part of the WhatsApp Group Chat that was held? Figured it out yet, you guessed right it’s time for a recap of these chats that we all so patiently wait for. Here’s what went on in this week’s chat where Recruiters and Talent Acquisition professionals like yourself got together to discuss why Recruiters & Sourcers should use Twitter.



Well this brings an end to our interesting chat discussions that we all enjoy and update ourselves with. Let’s connect with more professionals like us and get more people to join in order to get more perspectives to learn so much more. Wouldn’t that be great? I sure do, how about you? Meanwhile let’s continue to follow @SourcingAdda for more updates about future activities to come and have fun too.

WhatsApp Group Chat – Is it possible to survive without job portals?

Well it’s time for another recap of what went on in this week’s WhatsApp Group Chat. Sourcing Adda (@SourcingAdda) being a group for Talent Acquisition Professionals to interact with each other is a great platform to gather together and discuss more about the subject of Sourcing and Recruiting that we are all passionate about.

Having said that it’s time to find out what the discussion on the common questions was all about like is it possible to survive without job portals? If yes, what would we do differently? If no, then why are we so dependent?

1and23and45and67and89and10,11Well this brings another informative and interesting chat to a close with lots of take a ways that are sure to assist you in your hunt for Talent and also help you build a Talent pipeline that you can rely on. Stay tuned to @SourcingAdda for more updates and recaps to come that will certainly boost your knowledge.

WhatsApp Group Chat – How do you train someone to be a Sourcer?

If you’ve been following Sourcing Adda (@SourcingAdda) I’m sure you’re aware of the WhatsApp Group Chat and are probably part of it too. If not you’ve already missed a lot but you can still catch up. We now have 3 new additions to our groups i.e. Pune 2, Kolkata and Gujarat apart from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune 1. Well now you can be a part of these new entries if you’ve wanted to connect with individuals within your location. So let’s get a recap of the Chat that focussed on how do you train someone to be a Sourcer?12345Well this brings our interesting Chat to an end. Overall I can say that it was quite entertaining and insightful with lots of take a ways which are trade secrets. So if you’re not already on these chats then you should be as it will definitely improve your knowledge and keep you updated. So stay tune to @SourcingAdda to get updates.

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