How effective are Social Media Recruiting Surveys?

If you’re a Recruiter then I’m sure you are well aware of the current scenario with the Talent Acquisition Industry. If not then a write up on how effective are Social Media Recruiting Surveys will definitely enlighten you about the same. I can think of several reasons as to the effectiveness of Social Media Recruiting Surveys. These surveys help you identify what the latest trends are and how effective are your efforts to gather talent as against you’re competitors.

The survey dealt with the various tools and practices that recruiters use to assist them in targeting quality talent. The findings suggest that Recruiters are much like marketers as they showcase their Employer branding and engage candidates across many platforms. So if you want to find out how you faired then take a look at the Social Recruiting Survey (2014) conducted by


Relationship Building

According to this survey building relationships is of the essence. With the current development in the Recruitment field 69% of Recruiters are of the opinion that competition will increase in 2015.

Recruiting Strategies

In order to succeed 73% of Recruiters have planned to invest more in Social Recruiting, 63% via referrals, 51% through mobile and 93% use or plan to use Social Recruiting to support their recruiting efforts. 73% of companies are showcasing the company culture to attract talent. 55% of Recruiters are using or plan to use a mobile career site to meet their recruiting needs.

Recruiting via Social Media channels

Recruiters are now utilising Social Media channels to review profiles of candidates, to uncover mutual connections and evaluate written or designing work of potential candidates. 55% of Recruiters have actually reconsidered a candidate based on their social profile.

Other Recruiting Methods

60% rely on referrals, 54% use internal transfers, 51% utilise direct sources and 40% use intern to hire in order to find best candidates.

Recruiting Tactics with Social Media

95% search for candidates and contact them, 93% keep tabs on potential candidates and vet candidates pre – interview while 92% post jobs on LinkedIn.

With Facebook 59% showcase employer brand, 51% generate employee referrals, 48% post jobs , 32% vet candidates pre-interview and 35% vet candidates post – interview.

Through Twitter 44% showcase their employer brand, 39% post jobs, 32% generate employee referrals, 17% search for candidates and 18% vet candidates post – interview.

Improvements in Candidate Selection with Social Media

With the help of Social Media there has been an improvement of 44% in quality and quantity of hires, 34% in time to hire and 30% in employee referrals.

Mobile Recruiting

Recruiters have started using mobile to recruit candidates anytime and anywhere. 22% have started posting jobs, 36% search for candidates, 41% contact candidates, 30% post job on Social Channels and 40% forward candidate details to colleagues.

Improvements in Candidate Selection with Mobile

There has been a 14% improvement in the time to hire, 13% improvement in quality of candidates, 19% improvement in quantity of candidates and 10% improvement in quantity and quality of referrals.

Well aren’t you convinced now that these types of surveys are definitely beneficial as they help you reconsider your efforts and find out loop holes in your strategies that your haven’t seen or known of. So if you aren’t using these methods then I’m sure your missing out on exceptional talent that you thought didn’t exist. So its high time you start implementing them if you haven’t already.


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