8 Career Fair Myths and Realities Uncovered

Well we’ve gone over this several times yet we still continue to follow these myths that we think are realities when they aren’t. As Recruiters this holds true for most of us as every field has its own myths and realities that most professionals aren’t aware of. But if you think that you’re aware of all of them think again as I’m sure that you’ve missed some. So let’s uncover some career fair myths and realities.


Myth 1

Job offers are made at career and job fairs


The representatives of the company usually almost never make offers at a fair. At best they’ll take your details and tell you that they’ll schedule an interview for you at a later time. So be sure to have your calendar ready to give them the dates of your availability and you’re resume handy.

Myth 2

It’s alright if you “just show up” at the career fair.


While that might be the case it never hurts to be prepared just in case you get an opportunity to showcase your talents and a chance to get your resume in the door for a possible job opening.

Myth 3

Recruiters are all aware of all the job openings in their company or organisation.


Organisations usually send different representatives to fairs. Sometimes they are HRs at times they are the hiring Managers. These individuals might have information about openings in other departments but may not have the details you’re looking for.

Myth 4

Company Representatives always have job opportunities available.


Company Representatives come to career fairs for various reasons of these the 4 main ones are 1) Advertising Current Openings, 2) seeking and screening potential candidates for future openings, 3) promoting a general visibility of the company and 4) To find out who their competitors are.

Myth 5

The Representatives of the Company will remain at their Recruiting table throughout the fair.


This is not true they may arrive late or leave early depending on their schedule and or turn out or rotate shifts with other representatives. So if you plan to meet them later they probably might not be there.

Myth 6

All you need to do is drop you resume off.


While that is true you will certainly miss out on interesting opportunities without interacting with the representatives. When you visit such fairs it provides you with an opportunity to get your resume in the door. This is because you’ve taken out the time to meet with them and in doing so you leave a lasting impression on them. It also helps them decide why you are a perfect fit?

Myth 7

There’s no reason for you to follow up after the fair.


While this is a general idea that is followed you need to remember that if you send them a thank you and follow up email or if need be a call. These aspects together will reinforce the impression they have of you which will no doubt set you apart from the rest.

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