5 More Ways to Recruit Top Talent

A Recruiter’s tasks have been simplified to a great extent with the arrival of the Internet. Gone are the days where recruiting was done using traditional methods like “I’ll wait for the right candidate to walk in” or “eventually the right candidate will come find me”.

Technology has not only simplified the tasks but also speeded up the recruiting process entirely. The current method used in recruiting is Online & Mobile Recruiting which facilitates the “you don’t search for me I’ll come find you instead” technique. If you’re a start-up or a small business owner then there are certain ways by which you are sure to get the talent you’re looking for.


Rely on your employees

You’d be surprised to learn that even big companies have started giving preference to employee referrals so why shouldn’t you? Besides your current star employees will most likely know someone similar to them and might be the best fit for your organisation in the long run. You most definitely don’t want to miss out of such a pool of talent.

Company Culture

This may seem futile to most but the work environment plays a crucial role in attracting the right talent. If the talent that you have is right but the culture isn’t one that retains employees then you need to change that. Because the talent you’re searching for isn’t going to stick around and are likely to refrain from getting their friends to this kind of environment.

Sell the growth potential of your company

When writing JDs, be sure to market the company’s growth potential as people are attracted to companies that have more to offer them experience wise. Such JD’s are sure to attract candidates displaying the right attitude. Besides when you know the company’s growth potential why not market it and improve you’re branding as well.

Ensure that you provide learning opportunities

Individuals with the right attitude get attracted to opportunities that teach them something more than what they are already knowledgeable about. Such individuals usually end up as great hires and assist the company’s growth. This we know because if you have the right staff your company’s growth is most definite.

Let your candidate outshine you

Nothing beats a great hire than one that outshines you. If given an opportunity to outshine you, you can be positive that the candidate is the right fit for an organisation like yours. Besides these are the candidates you want to hire as they can point loop holes in your suggestions when it comes to the organisations marketing strategies.

Well there you have it all the information you need to map out your hiring strategies and make that perfect hire that is sure to make all the difference in the company’s growth. All of these aspects are bound to assist the company’s growth in one way or another. You are therefore better off implementing them in to your hiring strategy. Do you have any pointers to add? Do tell and we’ll be glad to add them in our next post.


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