WhatsApp Group Chat – Chrome Extension for Sourcing & Recruiting

If you’re a member and are active on WhatsApp Group Chats I’m sure you’ve benefitted from them. But if you aren’t a part of these chats you have no idea what you’re missing. I suggest that you be a part of them as you’ll definitely gain interesting insights that are sure to change your perspective about things you’ve known and followed all along. Then again that’s just my view, why don’t you check it out for your – self and see if it holds true. Well we recently started the #Followfridayday, so be sure to follow and share your Twitter handles with each other. In the meantime let’s find out what the discussion on Chrome Extensions for Sourcing & Recruiting yielded so here goes…


I’m glad to see you are still reading and now you know what was discussed. This has definitely improved your knowledge and also upgraded you. Therefore if you’re not already a member you might want to re think that and join these chats. As you are sure to learn a thing or two about the profession you’re passionate about. Looking forward to more members joining and awaiting your interesting and unique perspectives about different aspects of the profession we all love and enjoy. Be sure to watch the @SourcingAdda space for regular updates.


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