Top Tweets of the Sourcing Chat – Best Practices in Campus Recruitment and On – Boarding

Well I’m sure this comes as a surprise to the ones that routinely follow us for the latest updates. We at Sourcing Adda (@SourcingAdda) recognise this and have taken the initiative to give all our members a recap on the latest developments in the Talent Acquisition Industry. We have also decided to help you interact with Thought Leaders across the Recruitment Sphere. So if you’ve missed the Sourcing Chat (#SourcingChat) here’s a chance to get a recap of the same.

With #SourcingAdda you can get reacquainted with these individuals and gain insights that you wouldn’t have got otherwise which are trade secrets. So here’s a list of the Top Tweets of the #SourcingChat on “Best Practices in Campus Recruitment and On – Boarding”SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda It’s more cost effective than experienced hire for business #SourcingChat

A2. Culture, pre-joining engagement in short connect with candidates #Sourcingchat (3 retweet)

A3) ideally it depends on relationship with the College and past history of selects. #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda A4 Using Cognitive ability assessments that has a high correlation with performance .Identify leadership traits #SourcingChat

A5) Get away with 60% criteria and have a stronger selection process, great minds might not always score above 60%. #Sourcingchat

@SourcingAdda A6.Initially it is JOB that matters then comes these frills and their preferences. #SourcingChat

A7. Consider what is constant and what a variable is! This is where #ability is more important that #aptitude. #sourcingchat

A8: couple of gaps here, skill competency majorly & hence opportunity gap. Firms must collaborate with academia #sourcingchat

A9 question itself has the answer; long term strategy needs consistent supply & Development of #talent only possible through campus #SourcingChat

A7. Attitude is more important but we have no scientific way to measure it, so we go on skill #SourcingChat

A9 question itself has the answer; long term strategy needs consistent supply & Development. Of #talent only possible through campus #SourcingChat

A7) Attitude matters d most as one can learn skills if he wants but changing the attitude will be more difficult task #SourcingChat

@SourcingAdda #sourcingchat A4. Take them through comprehensive selection and not elimination process

A5: Candidates who score < 60% and have strong Extracurricular & Co curricular skills should be given an equal chance! #SourcingChat

A5 Personally I find the “cut-off” pattern unfair & flawed. Talent is what matters #Sourcingchat @SourcingAdda

A5) Companies might miss on some best talent just because he/she scored below 60%. History – Dropouts were the best!! #SourcingChat

#Sourcingchat A2. Shall to share new idea with Colleges and we can arrange guest lectures and prepare them

Well this brings this amazing chat to an end, but if you’re looking for more such Chats then you need only follow @SourcingAdda and keep tabs on #SourcingChat and of course join us in our endeavour while interacting and taking away insights that aren’t easy to come by.


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