WhatsApp Group Chat – As a Recruiter, do you always give feedback to interviewed candidates?

Well it’s time for a recap on the WhatsApp Group Chat that was held this week and a chance for us to test what we’ve learnt so far. So if you’ve missed some then this is your chance to catch up on aspects missed. So let’s find out what was discussed on “As a Recruiter do you always give feedback to interviewed candidates?”

12345678910This brings our amazing chat to an end and I couldn’t agree more to what GirishTilak said, “At the end of the day all of us as Recruiters should keep one thing in mind i.e. we were also at some time candidates or people who worked in the industry who also went for interviews sometime in our career, so at that time we were either expecting feedback or will expect it now, so giving feedback to the candidates is not the matter of such long discussions. But it is our duty.”

And to what Ankit Asher said, “I believe it to be ethical for any recruiter to share the feedback with candidates and that is how Recruiters earn respect within and outside organisation whether it is the part of KRAs or not! Also this practice adds the feather in an organisation’s reputation and helps Recruiter’s to attract talents easily. After all attitude is something that counts only when executed in a healthy manner. A perfect end to a perfect conversation so if you’re looking for more chats then follow us @SourcingAdda to be the first to get latest updates.


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