4 Undervalued Social Media Metrics for Business Tracking

As we all know measuring marketing has always been a needle in a haystack approach and anyone who’s familiar with measuring marketing would agree nonetheless. And then came digital marketing bringing along with it the ability to measure online activity. If one is to measure digital marketing it’s simple but only if you know where to look. When it comes to measuring digital marketing or for that matter Social Media Marketing you have online tools which are free or paid depending upon the tool selection.

Selecting tools is no easy task and one that requires a lot of thought into but let me simplify the process by selecting 6 undervalued Social Media Metrics that are sure to full fill your Business Tracking needs.

Social Media Metrics

Daily Story Feedback

What if you didn’t have to rely on just counting the number of likes you received to track your activity. How would you like to track how often your fans click “like” and even “comment” on your status updates. Tracking these aspects will definitely enable your future updates to be seen in their newsfeed. This in turn will increase your Facebook audience as well. If you’re the administrator of a Facebook fan page then you will find the Daily Story Feedback chart at http://facebook.com/insights by looking in the interactions category.


If you’ve been watching your followers on Twitter then you should know that you don’t have to go about it the long way. You simply need to get yourself registered. I’m sure you’re familiar with Klout if not then here’s a recap. Klout is an online influence gauge that gives you a Klout Score based on your activity on Social Media using their algorithm mantra. This mantra is updated from time to time for better results and we all know that nothing is perfect.

Open Site Explorer

This incredible tool gives you analytics on your website directly so if you’re looking to get analytics on your website then the Open Site Explorer is a great tool to help you achieve this. This particular tool gives you the amount of inbound links your page has and even gives you data on your competitors while providing you with a list of similar sites that you can link to in return.


This is another great tool to get real time analyses of your posts. This particular tool even gives you information about your competitors so you can analyse your efforts and modify them if required. The Keyhole tool not only lets you analyse #tags but also URLs, isn’t that neat? Well if you don’t believe me you can try it right now.

Well there you have it a few undervalued Social Media Metrics that are sure to simplify you’re tracking tasks and boost the growth of your company with more visitors. So if you’re not convinced you should probably try them and decide for yourself if the tool is right for your company needs. In the meantime do you have any more undervalued Social Media Metrics that you found that were just right for your organisational needs? Do tell.


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