WhatsApp Group Chat: Do we really need weekend drives or are there any alternatives?

The recent WhatsApp Group Chat was a hit amongst the members as we received lots of inputs that were simple yet quite interesting. If you weren’t able to make it this time it’s not too late to be in loop of the insights shared as you are reading them. Here’s what our distinguished Talent & Sourcing professionals had to say about whether we really need weekend drives or if there are any alternatives?1st_blog2nd_blog3rd_blog4th_blogThe WhatsApp Group Chat that was held ended on a great note with lots of perspectives shared and points to think about. I can definitely say that we all learnt a thing or two from attending these chats and the feedback given by our members is proof enough for this. Thanks for your participation and honest feedback members but without your inputs it would not have been as successful as it turned out to be. Stay tuned for more chats to come by following @SourcingAdda. We look forward to your suggestions for future Chats to come to make it an even grander success. Glad to have so many participants sharing their views and we hope to see more of you expressing your unique views so that we can interact and learn from each other.


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