Talent Acquisition & Sourcing Conclave 2015 – Sourcing Lab Activities

The host was Sharath Kumar, Partner at SourcePRO, who began the session with fun activities too. The ones who gave the best answers were rewarded with SourcePRO mugs and badges. Here are the activities were conducted by Sharath Kumar…

Sharing Entertaining Ideas

The session began with an opening statement combined with Recruiting Humour where…

  • The statement was an entertaining job description, “The wisdom of a 50 year old, the experience of a 40 year old, the drive of a 30 year old and the pay-scale of a 20 year old.”
  • The recruiting humour was where Sourcing was looked at or compared to an Intelligence Service or Secret Service to highlight what we as Sourcers do by Using other Intelligence such as –
    • Portal Intelligence to bring up active lists of candidates for open positions
    • Social, Google, Telephone Intelligence etc. to create a profile of a candidate
    • Mobile intelligence & Platforms for attracting candidates to us or our company
    • Human Intelligence to analyse, understand and then match candidates for the vacancy which is called “Humint”

Repeat Names of the people at the same table

The Participants were picked randomly and asked to repeat the names of everyone at their table in order to get people to interact with others and if they were able that were rewarded.

Funny Recruitment Stories

Here the audience was asked to share these stories. For instance

  • Recruiting in China is difficult due to a language barrier i.e. English so neither party understood the either
  • When a candidate was contacted to set up an Interview, the candidates immediate reply was that they weren’t able to respond due to their ears being bandaged L.O.L.!

Mention Sourcing Tools that haven’t been covered during the entire event

Here the audience was asked to mention other sourcing tools that haven’t been mentioned during the entire event for instance Dex.



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