WhatsApp Group Chat- 25th March – Hyderabad

Blog Group Chat

  • Achyut Menon enquired, “Let me try & rephrase… How is technology likely to impact recruiters? Are third party recruiters likely to become redundant? If clients and candidates can directly find each other, will there be room for intermediaries?”
  • Yusuf Pathan had some comments such as, “I do not see third party recruiters becoming redundant, the clients will have their own limitations in getting access to the entire pool of technologies available. So if you are a Corp recruiter or a 3rd party recruiter, it will depend on how corporates would like to strategise their recruitment function.” “Having said that, Indian recruitment is a number game and 3rd party companies is and always will be a part of a strategy for the corporates.”

  • To which Achyut Menon commented, “So those who use technology better, can be more relevant? Soon enough everyone will have access to most profiles online & the emphasis will go beyond clients rejecting submissions as ‘duplicates’? And people will start valuing the ability to get some prospect across the table’ for discussions.”
  • Prabhat Kumar Surabhi had some comments to add, “Where do you think 3rd party recruiters mostly relying on startups or mid – sized corporates to sustain?”
  • To which Yusuf Pathan commented, “It’s mixed, I have seen some companies only relying on start – ups, some on corporates and some on a particular industry etc. so the market is quite open.”
  • After which Achyut Menon mentioned, “The game will have to change from quantity to Quality, no sometime? So will technology be the driver?”
  • Wherein Yusuf Pathan mentioned, “your point is relevant but again technology has its own advantages and disadvantages.” “Technology will be the key, so let’s take today’s scenario, Mobile recruiting, Skype, Online databases, Forums, It’s a huge (big) data, Depends on people how you use it, and quality vors quantity, : It depends on the kind of requirements, we would still have the number game but technology will help us to achieve the numbers with quality, etc.”
  • Prabhat Kumar Surabhi had his inputs, “I guess the competition is making the quantity to win but, quality is the driver to get close the things, I think technology is helping a lot in recent years in that part”
  • Yusuf Pathan enquired, “What other changes do we expect in the coming daysoryears with respect to Technology?”
  • Chinmay Chavan had some points to add, “More & more Automation in almost every aspects of recruitment. Search engines doing a lot more than just screening profiles.”

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