WhatsApp Group Chat- 25th March – Delhi

Blog Group Chat

  • Amanpreet Sehgal had some inputs, “Technology has made a small world for us. We all are connected through various mediums.” Skype’s Video Chats has made recruitments across locations or countries quicker.” “Few years back, it was just job portals we were dependent on and only active candidates that are now on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook groups, WhatsApp Groups, quicker way of interacting.” In reply to Yusuf Pathan’s comment about, is technology killing the creativity of recruiters? His opinion was, “I have a different view here, and I feel technology has pushed creativity to a different level.”

  • To which Yusuf Pathan further enquired, “How?”
  • And Amanpreet Sehgal further stated and enquired, “Only mediocre will stop thinking beyond a certain point, a creative mind will keep working. Ok let me ask you, how has technology resulted in less creativity?”
  • To which Yusuf Pathan stated, “I think because we easily get everything, so we stop thinking out of the box, just a simple example – people are glued to job portals and Linked In, there’s a life beyond that.”
  • In reply to Yusuf Pathan’s statement, Amanpreet Sehgal said, “Ah, people are glued to it as long as they are benefiting out of it…the day stop getting what they are looking for, they will start looking for creative ideas to get candidates or stop working.‬”
  • Replying to Amanpreet Sehgal comment, Yusuf Pathan questioned, “So we are limiting ourselves to certain tools and technologies, could this be a negative impact we have because of technology?”
  • Sandeep had lots of other inputs to add such as, “I think it has its advantages and disadvantages. While it opens door to multiple avenues to go about a search, it at times may limit its application depending upon the results one draws out of one tool. Leaving out others! Knowledge and application of right mix of channels and tech tools is definitely a rare skillset.” “But if that is there, technology definitely has a positive effect and impact.” “Technology which comprises of phone, mobile or the internet have all, enabled recruiters to reach more and more candidates, within a short span. Earlier the demand was less since the technology utilised was old, so one could survive using old methods of recruiting strategies. But with growing technology, the demand has increased, which has led to increase in usage of technology to meet ever growing demands.”
  • Chinmay Chavan also had some inputs to add, “with the help of phones, mobiles and the internet, Recruiters can reach candidates who are based anywhere on this planet. One can also source them from just anywhere.”
  • Yusuf Pathan further enquired, “What other changes do we expect in the coming days or years with respect to Technology?”
  • Ruchi had a few comments about the same, “We can expect HR Tech playing a role in Data Analytics for Recruiting, Which key talent segment to attract, what are the numbers for different talent segments, how many we are able to hire, on – board, retain. Analytics will play a huge role for HR decision making.”
  • To which Yusuf Pathan commented, “Yes, Analytics is going to play an important role and we should get more and more analytical tools. Yes, I’ve heard about brassring, a good ATS and I’ve even worked on it in my previous organisation.”
  • To which Ruchi commented, “IBM Kenexa will be game changer for Recruiting in coming days or months.”
  • Yusuf Pathan, Ruchi, Anindita Samajpati and Sandeep all agreed, “Both Brassring and IBM Kenexa are good tools for creating candidates database, recording or analyzing requisitions.”
  • To which Ruchi mentioned to Medhavi, “In India these tools were launched last year only.  So in coming years, you will hear more about them and can experience demo at SHRM conference this year.”

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