WhatsApp Group Chat- 25th March – Chennai

Blog Group Chat

  • Satish Ganesh put his views across about the same, “Technology has impacted the way in which recruiting is happening. However, there should be Human Touch involved. Gamification in recruiting will be more in coming days. Many companies would adapt to it soon”
  • Yusuf Pathan had some comments, “What other changes do we expect in the coming days or years with respect to Technology?”
  • Chinmay Chavan had a few thoughts, “More & more Automation in almost every aspects of recruitment. Search engines doing a lot more than just screening profiles.” He also mentioned, “Not all the work. But will make the job of scraping through the entire Internet a bit easier.”
  • Harish had some views, “In Today’s world who updates his technology he will be the successful person who will get the project easily. The Update must be user friendly, and then only he can survive. But without human work search engines don’t collect data. What I want to say is that the search engines data is also collected by humans. So there is no point in search engines doing most of the work.‬ but that has some loss as well, it accepts all the fake resumes and fake requirements blindly‬. Technology is changing rapidly and currently the problem is not because of lack of data, but the main problem being  not knowing what to infer from the data that is pouring in from various streams.‬ The Problem being of plenty.”

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