WhatsApp Group Chat – 25th March – Bangalore

Blog Group Chat

  • Anitha G had lots of inputs such as, “Fast recruitment is possible only because of technology. In older days receiving, applications itself was a time consuming process. But with Social Media, you can conduct a BGV at the initial stage itself and applicants too can conduct verification themselves in the same manner. She also mentioned that Mobile and Internet are the best channels that have taken recruitment to the next stage. Moreover, advertising, reaching the targeted audience, Headhunting and Mapping is easy. Apart from this it’s possible to close a position within a day due to technology. Even location is not a constraint these days, since we can fly him down or connect with him through Skype or video conferencing, Gmail, Fb, video calling across the globe. ”

  • Praveen Kothapalli said, “Passive sourcing has become easy”
  • Mitchell Coffer added, “Today’s technology world Reach has become 1000 times easier as one can connect with people across the globe!!”
  • Navanita Collabera had interesting insights, “Technology has helped Recruiters a lot. Senior candidates with busy schedules can be grabbed by technology, for instance WhatsApp or Viber.”
  • Chinmay Chavan mentioned, “Technology isn’t just something everyone is using to get work done and to stay connected. It’s also impacting how employers recruit great talent and how great talent finds the right employer. The biggest ways technology has impacted recruiting through Social Media Recruiting, Applicant Tracking Systems, Mobile Recruiting, Job boards and Career pages, Email Communication and much more!”
  • Yusuf Pathan enquired, “Is technology killing the creativity of recruiters?” and said, “Life is so easy with the help of technology, that people stop thinking beyond a certain point”
  • To this Mitchell Coffer added, “To use technology also one needs to be creative to know how to attract and source or network and communicate!!”
  • Yusuf Pathan had further comments, “Agreed but is that the normal trend in the industry now? What’s your experience, how creative are today’s recruiters?”
  • To this Mitchell Coffer mentioned, “It isn’t a normal trend but recruiters really need to pick up fast to reach there. How creative, what percentage, that’s a question. Recruiters need to spend time in learning different ways to efficiently use technology and their creativity, to explore and move to the next level. For E.g. a large percentage of recruiters still use only LinkedIn but there is much more than that.”
  • To which Yusuf Pathan mentioned, “Yes, but because we are getting everything easily we stop thinking out of the box, so is there a way technology can help us think beyond the obvious?”
  • Even Nisha J K had interesting insights such as, “Leverage technology for recruiting but don’t forget that in the end picking the phone and talking to a candidate to understand finer details is critical. We can make snap judgments based on his social media profiles but a Recruiter’s edge is when he gets first – hand information and technology compliments that.”
  • To which Navanita Collabera mentioned, “That’s really a valid point because talking to a candidate helps us to understand more about his skills, communication etc. but saying that technology also plays a vital role in connecting to these candidates via various sources of social media same only helps.”
  • Yusuf Pathan mentioned, “Somehow we are losing the human touch because of over dependency on Technology.” He also highlighted, “Employer Branding would be the next big thing, but how would technology play a role in EB?”
  • To which Nisha J K had great inputs to add like, “Companies should take conscious efforts towards their employer branding. It’s becoming more of a candidates market especially in niche high demand skill sets. Candidates too are checking prospective employer’s social media presence. A best example at Employer branding is Glass door. Again technology can be used to present the company as an employer of choice. I am emphasizing on the online presence of a company when I refer to technology. It’s as simple as a good responsive website with relevant content, clarity in the products or services it offers, high quality videos if possible slightly informal and updated blog or FB page which gives a glimpse of the company culture which could be team trip photos, celebrations etc. Moreover, EB is especially critical for start-ups or early growth stage companies.”
  • Sri mentioned, “Technology complements, it can never replace. By The Way”
  • Chinmay Chavan mentioned, “More & more Automation in almost every aspect of recruitment. Search engines doing a lot more than just screening profiles.”
  • Yusuf Pathan further mentioned, “But apart from Employer Branding, there’s a long list of other tools or technologies which would make a Recruiter’s life easy like Data Analytics.” He questioned, “Which key talent segment to attract, what are the numbers for different talent segments, how many we are able to hire, on – board, retain. Analytics will play a huge role in HR decision making, even screening assessment tools.” He had some further comments, “Yes, a lot of such tools would be available. There are tools available in the market but haven’t tested any tools yet… anyone from the group know of such data analytical tools?”
  • Nisha J K had some comments, “Yes, I heard recently that there are analytics which analyzes browsing patterns of employee’s n inform how many are looking out for change. Data analytics especially in HR space; I think, is in the very nascent stage largely due to intangible factors, Would be happy to know or learn of any tested and proven tools in this space.”

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