A Career’s Tab has been added to Facebook’s Page – By Naukri.com

Many brands have realised the potential of Facebook and are leveraging on the viral marketing power that Facebook has to offer. As a result most employers and recruiters are switching over to social media to catch those hard to get candidates that almost everyone in the recruiting industry is seeking out. Same goes for job portals like Naukri.com whose objective is to seek out these perfect candidates for the job, as a way to assist employers in their hiring process and it has to its credit; of being India’s number one job site.

In order to assist recruiters like them and to simplify the sourcing process they’ve come up with a concept that might prove to be a solution to most problems faced by professionals like them therefore, “A Career’s Tab has been added to Facebook’s Page – by Naukri.com” but if you wish to get a clearer idea, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of the various aspects that come into play for it to be a success. So let’s find out more about these aspects…


What is a Career’s Tab?
It is a section that can be added in to Facebook’s Page as “Careers” where recruiters can all join in together and post job specs; having features as unlimited jobs, responses for a year that will be available. This particular feature has been launched starting January 2015 that comes with specifically laid out needs, so let’s move on…
Need for a Career’s Tab
I bet by now you’re wondering what these needs are, so why not wait and find out just what these are and what they involve…

  • Reach maximum candidates on Facebook
  • Create a better candidate experience
  • Simplify the browsing and search of jobs effectively
  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Browse within Facebook
  • Have a short “Apply” process
  • Promote job ads to fans
  • Post all the jobs in the careers tab
  • Share at the most 1 – 2 job specs on a daily bases on the page along with the marketing content
  • By linking them it can be shared between and amongst friends and friends of friends
  • Streamline the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Responses to be managed by Naukri.com’s ATS
  • Have the Naukri.com integrated into the “Career Tab”
  • Avoid the dependency on an IT Team

Naukri Integrated into the Career Tab
This is an important feature that it is essential that you understand exactly how this feature works that is if one wishes to benefit from it. So here’s how it works –

  • Job specs can be posted on both platforms Naukri.com and on the Company’s Facebook  Page
  • Manage all of the responses you get together by using the source as a distinguishing cluster
  • It’s a paid feature with interesting discounts

There you have it a clear picture about this latest development and its various benefits. I hope that it has been just as informative to you as it has been for me. This new development for the year 2015 comes with interesting discounts so hurry up and get your firm listed today!

If you have any pointers that I’ve missed out on do mention them in our comments sections and we’ll be glad to add it into our next post. In the meantime, here’s a thought for you to ponder about, “Do you have any ideas that can boost the recruiting process or let us know which method do you, use to achieve your targets?”


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