SourcePro Certification

finalIn a technology driven world where every second person you see is glued to a smart phone it is only natural that the process of recruiting will eventually move onto a cost effective and efficient platform. This platform is social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ etc. Leveraging these platforms is a preferred strategy for most individuals that are part of the recruiting process be it a recruiter, sourcer, head-hunter, hiring consultancy or agency or an employer.

As a result more and more companies are looking for recruiters that possess the knowledge and skills required to scout for candidates using social media. We at SourcePro have recognised this need and have designed the SourcePro Certification Program. We conduct an intense Talent Sourcing Training and Certification Program to assist professionals in speeding up their recruiting process by keeping them abreast with the current industry trends. In addition, we are the first and only certification program in India that focusses on developing the Sourcing skills of recruiting professionals.

Our SourcePro Certification Program equips individuals with the skills required for online recruiting and that too customised to their needs with the latest developments in the recruiting field. The modules that we offer can be customised to match the needs of our clients. The modules that we offer are BasicPro, SocialPro, ResearchPro, HeadhuntPro and Onsite Training. These modules comprise of topics such as –

  • Sourcing via search engines
  • Building customised search engines
  • Using Social media as a channel for candidate selection
  • Passive candidates sourcing
  • Headhunting or Name Generation

All of these aspects will come in handy when sourcing for those hard to get or hard to find candidates. If you are looking for more information about these modules you can check out what our previous trainees and corporates have to say about our modules by visiting our website and viewing their testimonials and videos.

By now you are probably wondering how our Certification Program is different from the way these courses and training programs are conducted in other parts of the world. For example there are online courses that are offered by groups of experts in the U.S.A. that consist of Online Webinars followed by online interaction with some of the experts. Unlike the courses based in U.S. where they conduct the sessions online, we conduct two day face to face group workshops wherein the participants are provided with practical exposure, clubbed together with free assistance up to a year to resolve all the queries that they might have about our modules. Our course content and delivery have been fine tuned to suit the needs of the Indian Market.

Well what are you waiting for? Go ahead and signup for these courses to upgrade you to the latest trends followed in the world of sourcing. Now doesn’t this sound neat? All of this and so much more all in one place!


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