Recruiting Trends of 2015 you should watch out for!

With another year ending it’s only natural that all active recruiters are curious about the trends that might make the 2015 year market. So if you are one of those recruiters who like to be aware of the possible challenges that they may face then you have come to the right place.

Therefore here are the “Recruiting Trends of 2015 you should watch out for!” that are likely to make the 2015 charts in the recruitment industry. So let’s begin with what you can expect the charts to be like for the year 2015 up ahead.


Employment dropouts Increase
You as a recruiter can expect more and more dropouts due to inflation and plenty job opportunities. Several individuals will be affected by these new developments. And companies would find skilled labour difficult to find this time around.

Skilled Labour to be scarce
With more dropouts due to unsatisfactory job roles, you will experience difficulty in hiring skilled labour as these individuals will not have enough experience. Therefore job vacancies are likely to rise if experienced candidates have got better job prospects elsewhere.

Rise is Employable Graduates
Companies will have to hire more and more interns to fill their job vacancies. Besides there is going to be a fresh batch of graduates arriving for employment therefore don’t be surprised at the amount of fresher’s applying. Well that means that your organisation can now mould these talented individuals so that the output you get will be what you are actually looking for. Now that’s something to look forward to.

Branding is going to be Online
Well don’t be alarmed by the amount of branding done via social networking sites this year. As people are finally realising the importance and effectiveness of using social media platforms for all their branding needs especially since it is cost effective as well.

Recruiting to be done Online
More and more companies are realising the advantages of having an online presence and how recruiting can be done via social networking sites. If your one of the few recruiters looking to scout for top talent online you are going to be joined by several more and you aren’t going to be alone. So you’re going to have to step up a notch to capture those hard to find candidates before they are sort out by your competitors.

Expensive Packages
If you’re a company looking to hire talented individuals, it’s probably wise to check what 2015 has in store of you. Well the obvious one is that employment charges are sure to rise due to inflation so you might be looking at a rise in your expenses. But then again, you can also decide if the candidate is an excellent one and if the answer is a yes you will not have any problem investing in such a candidate.

Although this year sounds to be quite different posing challenges that you’ll least expect there are also some positive aspects to look forward to. Some of them being fresh talent that you can mould into exceptional employees, think out of the box for other ways to recruit as you’ve been using social media longer than your competitors, know what leverage you have over the candidates, improve your interview methods to spot that perfect candidate for the job. And so much more to learn, now isn’t that great? If you have any comments do let us know via the comments section.


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