5 Important Aspects to a Smart Hire

The recruiting field is constantly evolving to meet the current trends so also is the task of hiring qualified and suitable candidates with the right calibre. Finding such candidates isn’t easy and candidates that display the right attitude are even harder to find. In such a case making sure you hire the right candidate isn’t an easy task to perform. Therefore, here are “5 Important aspects to a Smart Hire” that you should keep in mind before you make a hire.


Have a 3 Interview Rule
This will ensure that you get a clear idea about the kind of person you will be hiring. This will also reduce the chances of making a mistake in hiring individuals. Imposing a 3 interview rule will ensure that you get to interact with the candidate enough and reduces the surprises that you may encounter on the job about you recent hire.

Be Patient
If you find that your company is growing rapidly, you are tempted and bound to make hires quickly. Hires done in haste have several drawbacks and that too major ones. For instance if the hired individual is the wrong one, the possibility of the culture and the morale of the team being affected is quite high, so before you make a hire be sure to pick the right one else you risk the progress of your company.

Hire Individuals with Attitude
I know this sounds silly but to be quite honest you need to hire individuals displaying the right attitude. Besides you are better off with individuals that have the right attitude so you can focus more on developing the skillsets of your recent hires. You should ensure that they display a winning attitude.  Such individuals usually have the can-do attitude that not only spreads positivity but can also get contagious and your other staff will find them endearing too. The opposite of this will result in your other staff members disliking the candidate with an awful attitude.

Hire Culture Fit Individuals
Well every business has a culture and your firm is no exception either.  This is yet another aspect one needs to consider before making a hire. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is vital that both you and your staff members realise.  When interviewing a potential candidate you need to ask open ended questions as this will help you identify if the candidate is culture fit this too is an essential element which requires the same amount of importance as picking a candidate for the job. This will ensure that you get a team that is willing to work together to achieve the same goal.

Clearly Set Expectations
Every company has the tendency to outline their expectations to a recent hire once they are on – board. Well that isn’t the right way to do things, you need to make sure that your recruit knows and understands clearly what your expectations are that too right at the beginning else they might go elsewhere once they realise your expectations that might not be what they wanted. So to avoid such occurrences or problems form arising midway during the hiring process you need to ensure that the candidate is clear about their responsibilities.

Therefore to ensure that you have made the right hire remember all of these aspects the next time a vacancy opens up and you’re looking to fill that position. This reminds me of a familiar quote, “Time spent on hiring is time well spent.” – Robert Half


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