How to use Blogs for Recruiting?

Recruiters haven’t used Blogs as extensively as Social media like ‘LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for scouting talented individuals. This is because they are either not aware or sure of its effectiveness as a tool for recruiting, even though Blogging has been around for quite a while. So let’s address its effectiveness through this discussion.
In order to get the maximum use out of blogs and to ensure its effectiveness, it is important for Sourcers to understand the various benefits that Blogs offer.blogSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)
I’m sure that we are all aware of this concept as it isn’t a new concept, especially for Bloggers. Put simply it ensures that the Blog comes on the first page when a Google search is conducted and ranks in the top first few links. For blogs SEO is a must.  I can’t stress on this point enough.

Employee Blogs
Blogs written by employees can assist the company’s branding, as it showcases the skills and knowledge of the individuals working with the company. Thus giving potential candidates a preview in to what work the company is into and what they can expect to learn at that company. This might even highlight the profiles that might be of interest to them.
Company Blogs
Blogs written about the kind of work the company is involved in and its achievements can improve its branding, especially if written with a positive note. In addition to this, positive comments by its present and previous employees can give substance to the company’s branding. It highlights important aspects such as its work ethics, corporate culture and the kind of people that work with them which might not come by easily on a general note.
Awareness Generated
Both Company and employee blogs apart from serving the company’s branding also generate awareness about the company over a large scale, as most individuals are connected with several others via the internet and at social gatherings. An employee who has a positive perspective about the company they work for, can convey their views and experiences through online and of line social networking. In fact blogs about the company and its employees can have comments; that too can enhance the awareness and branding of the company.
Blogs on Events
If the company has conducted any events, workshops in the past or currently, it is absolutely essential that the website as well as the various social media that it is a part of; to highlight these aspects. And the best way to do this is simply by blogging. As this too generates awareness and improves the company’s branding. This enhances the chances of the company becoming common knowledge to the masses hence, more people become aware of the company.
If the company focuses on all of these aspects discussed, chances are that not only will it improve the companies branding it will also promote a positive attitude towards the company and its potential candidates. Thus it improves the chances of more job seekers willing to work at a company that they are well aware of and one that has received positive reviews nonetheless.



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