4 Recruiting Strategies for Facebook

Most individuals these days spend a considerable amount of time on Social Media sites like Facebook. The concept of meeting people in person seems to have taken a back seat lately, as a result of changing times. With people flocking to social networking sites to establish long lost connections or to simply connect with people they wouldn’t be able to meet up on regular bases. This seems like the perfect platform to re-establish those connections.

If you thought that this site only comprises of people wanting to connect with friends and relatives far away or close by, you are sourly mistaken. Lately reputed Companies, Schools, Colleges and Universities have become a part of the Facebook user’s database due to the promising results. So if your employer likes or shares a post, don’t jump to conclusions.

Seizing the opportunity that Facebook creates, here are, “5 Recruiting Strategies for Facebook” that you should add to your recruiting plan, if you haven’t already. Or you’ll be missing out on a pool of talented candidates to integrate in to your organisation’s employee base. But before we go into the nitty-gritty of things, let’s answer the real question that crops up.


Why Facebook?
The Statistics of Facebook is the best way to answer this question. It’s the fastest growing networking site with a large database of individuals from all over the world and is still growing. It has about 829 million daily active users, 654 million mobile daily active users, 1.32 billion monthly active users and 1.07 billion mobile daily active users and still counting as on June 30th 2014. Incredible isn’t it? If it is not in your recruiting strategy then you’ll be missing out on a massive pool of potential candidates that might just contain that one person you’ve been looking for, who will either make or break your next project and help propel your own career to its new heights. Is this reason enough? So let’s get right down to it.

Build Connections  
You can start by leveraging your current employs to expand your network. You can even ask your employees, friends and colleagues to follow your company’s fan page, share posts and job openings with their network. Besides you never know who might know that one candidate who might be suitable for that job profile. This will help you expand your connections and build the quality of these connections.

Be Active
Create and be a part of a group with similar interests. Participate in forum discussions in the groups so you get noticed. Have a view on the topic discussed post it and watch others interact with you. Like a post or share one, whatever you do be professional and get involved. All of this together will get the desired attention you want to attract potential recruits to your posts. You never know when someone in the group could be a potential recruit seeking a job change.

Use Facebook Search
With the help of Boolean Search Strings, you can enter these Strings into the search bar and it will pull up all the results that match the search as accurately as possible. Based on the information provided by the user in their profile you can then get connected to the applicants that best suits your requirement.

Facebook Ads Platform
Along with recruiting, Facebook also provides companies with an ads platform where they can post job specs and even advertise. The ads platform that it offers is very precise. You can choose the exact target audience to receive results. It has a series of questions that you have to answer that are based on the people that you want to target. Once you complete them Facebook will calculate how many users fall into your search criteria and will give you the option to pay based on the number of people who clicked on your ad or to pay according to how many people potentially viewed the ad and set how much you’re willing to pay. These are some other features that one can avail the benefit of.

So now that you know the strategies for Facebook, why not be the first to implement them and gather all the best talented recruits. You can then create a selection list and proceed forward with the recruiting procedure. I leave you with an encouraging quote, “Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”  – Earl Nightingale


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